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Massimo Logli

Massimo Logli’s summer and inspirations

Massimo Logli is an Italian artist who makes techno music that packs a punch! Now with a new single out “Regulus” we sat down with him to talk about his inspirations, and how his summer has been so far…

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Hey Massimo, how has summer been for you so far?

First of all, I would like to thank you for this interview. It has been a very hot summer, moreover very satisfying not only as a DJ but also with the production we’re making.

What is the scene in Italy like? Is that what got you into electronic music?

Italy being a Latin country favours the warm sound of the country, but luckily for me, the wind is changing and electro music is becoming more and more prevalent. After the lockdown we saw an explosion of Italian DJ producers, and electronic music has benefitted from this. From Deep Melodic to the new Hardcore (hard techno) many youngsters are learning to appreciate different sounds compared to traditional ones. Also for me, it has been a time to rediscover sounds that were almost but not quite forgotten.

What are or were your inspirations growing up?

I was born in the era of Disco music, my learning experience has been a long a winding one. From an early age despite being indoctrinated with the sounds of that era, I much preferred electronic music such as Kraftwerk by Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, Gino Soccio, Space and many more. My foremost passion was to become a DJ, however, due to economic reasons, I reluctantly had to give up on that idea and dedicate myself to my family.

1993 saw the birth of my daughter had to be set aside, but not locked away. Then one day in 2016, by pure chance I was given a console. I downloaded some songs from iTunes and stored them on a USB pen drive. I turned on the mixer, the CDJ, and pressed play. My dream was once again before me.

In that same year, I visited Tomorrowland in Belgium and from that moment onwards, I decided that all I would do for the rest of my life was be a DJ – nothing was going to get in my way now. Whenever anybody asks me what I do for a living, I reply “I’m a DJ”.

What are your aims when producing, what do you want your signature sound to be?

My goal is quite simple, that is to make my passion, my sound, appreciated and recognized. My groove will always have warm undertones that transpire and enfold happiness whenever I listen to it and propose it.

What inspired your new single “Regulus” on your label Superba?

“Ja tvoi sluga Ja tvoi Rabotnik”. This voice that’s in this track of The Robots by Kraftwerk, was familiar to me as a child but obviously, I didn’t know the meaning. In those years it was feared that technology would replace manual labour.
Nowadays we are afraid of AI. The years pass and times change but Man will always be afraid of the new and unknown. Fortunately, the world moves forward and it’s thanks to my instinct that dared me to re-propose a phrase after 45 years.

Massimo Logli – “Regulus” is out now on Superba Records. Grab It here

Where and when was it written and do outside factors like that affect the music you write?

It was written in the course of one evening and arranged in a week – the external factors are the ones I previously mentioned.

Do you write the sort of music you want to hear in your own sets? Is there a link like that?

The majority of time, I create music that I want to share on the dancefloor, but sometimes there are some songs that I produce merely for listening to. You can find many songs on Spotify that I have produced but never played.

What gear do you use in the studio? Does that matter?

I do not have and will never have my own studio, but I make use of and have made use of many studios. I bring the idea, the sound, whatever inspires me. Together with the sound technician we put together and fulfilled my wishes.

It’s not important whether you use Logic, Ableton, etc. The main thing is to have the initial idea and a great team to put it all together.

What else have you got coming up this summer?

This Summer I’ll be touring many locations including Summer Festivals around Italy. I’ve never proposed my DJ set abroad. Exporting my music will be my next goal.

What hopes and goals do you have for your career over the next year?

Next year’s goal is to appear on an important Techno music label…In the meantime I have my own Label, so stay tuned, there’s going to be great news in the pipeline.

Thank you.

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