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Belgian DJ & producer, Maxim Lany

Maxim Lany talks about his latest badass releases

Over the past years, Maxim Lany has created his very own acclaimed sound, which not only made him a household name but also led him to do what he is most passionate about. Full focus on creating new music and expressing himself through his unique DJ sets where he takes the audience on a musical journey.

Maxim Lany is a Belgian DJ and producer and a well-known figure in the Belgian electronic music scene. being a returning guest at Tomorrowland, Extrema Outdoor and WeCanDance can only confirm he is doing absolutely fantastic. Internationally, Maxim Lany has spread his sounds throughout the years all over Europe and Asia, building up a strong reputation.

After having released his music on Bedrock Records, King Street Sounds, Kittball Records and We Play House Recordings Maxim is now signed to Armada Electronic Elements and has also released on Moonbootique. His music is played by Solomun, Kölsch and Tale Of Us.

Time for a chat about his brilliant releases.

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Hey Maxim, for any of our readers that aren’t familiar with you as much, can you tell us a bit about who Maxim Lany is?
Hi everyone and thanks for having me. I am Maxim Lany, a Belgian DJ and producer, currently signed to Armada Electronic Elements (home of artists like Jan Blomqvist, Erly Tempshi and Tensnake).

I released my track “Renaissance” earlier this year and now “People Of The Night” has just been released.

You come from Ghent. What makes that place special to you and how much does it differ from Antwerp, Brussels for example.
Yes, Ghent is indeed my hometown but now I’m also a lot in Antwerp and Brussels.
For me, they’re all equally great cities with a lot to offer. I think that now finally we’re all forming one scene and can start comparing ourselves to the international scene.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up, and does it have any influence on your current sound? If not, what or who are your inspirations?
A lot of hip hop at first, but also some hardcore house (early days of ID&T). Only in a later stage, I found a balance in loungy music and deep house. I carry all these influences in my music today, the result is a mix of dancefloor-oriented electronic music with unusual breaks and drops.

Tell us about how you ended up playing and producing electronic music to make people dance. Did you see this all coming?
I’ve always been DJing ever since I was a teenager, at my own parties but also a lot in local cafés. It was only later that I started making my own sounds as just being a good DJ was not enough to keep things going.

No, actually it’s very hard to predict anything in this business. It’s a constant evolution and I think that one thing leads to another from organizing parties, DJing, producing and now touring and doing remixes.

What about the inspiration and process behind “Renaissance”? A massive banger!
As I mentioned quite a lot lately, “Renaissance” itself did not take so much time to create, but it’s more the years and work leading to that moment that was intense. It’s about the tracks that didn’t make it, the work that prepared me to make “Renaissance”. That one track that could make the difference. I wanted to create this insane drop and work with a huge tension in the break that would make people go crazy on the dance floor. It worked out well. 🙂

The track got picked up by grandmasters in the electronic music scene like there is Solomun, Tale of Us, Kölsch. How does that make you feel and what were your next steps or ideas when you heard about this?
First, it was only Solomun and Kölsch but after that, almost everyone seemed to enjoy playing the track, that was a real shocker. When David Guetta and Tale Of Us are playing the track almost at the same time then it’s time to wake up or pinch yourself. It gave me the necessary energy and motivation to keep doing what I was doing and to go even further.

You also did a remix of a track for Agoria. Again picked up by Solomun. You are on a roll, so it seems. Where is your magic?
I guess it’s about seizing that moment when things are finally being picked up and not waiting for something to come. Again, the years prior to this new sound were crucial, I see that now.


Footage of Maxim Lany during the Pukkelpop festival 2019.


Give us an insight into what we can expect from Maxim Lany over the next few months.
I’m working on a lot of remixes, which will be released one after another in the coming months. Then there will be some alternative versions of the current single “People Of The Night” and a new single before the end of the year as well. Touring is now also a huge part of the schedule and collabs with other artists in 2020.

What is one thing that would make your musical career more successful? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Not having to sleep would be good, lol. Still doing what I am doing today but with more efficiency and I’m on a mission to deliver even more quality.

Thank you.

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