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Aftertech Records releases their stunning Aftertunes #13 Various Artist Compilation

Melodic Quality on Aftertech’s Aftertunes #13 VA Compilation

Aftertech Records strikes again with a stunning compilation

Installment #13 in their Aftertunes series is simply wow! Ten fresh tracks with a variety in shades of melodic house and techno. After hearing this release we were truly surprised by the selection of tracks. All beauties! So get ready for ten artists that come together, and create a perfect blend of all the vibes you would want to hear in the Melodic Techno scene.

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Aftertech Records has been releasing quality Melodic Techno for over half a decade. The label has shown to be a good platform for all. Besides well-established artists, also young talents find their way to the fantastic Aftertech compilations. Therefore, the quarterly released Aftertunes series, are the perfect lift for the rising producers.

Aftertunes #13 will be available on Beatport from April 12. Grab our copy »

10 Quality melodic house & techno tunes on Aftertunes #13

The album starts with the very talented P. Young and Ellis Raily. They teamed up with label boss Frezel and deliver a beautiful, catchy and melodic journey, called “Lost”. New up is the fresh & talented Cian Moynagh, with a powerful moody dance floor killer. He keeps on building in strength in “Epoch”, only to take it all away, so it can come back one more time during one massive drop.

Vanderkant is one of Aftertech’s resident producers. An amazing artist, according to us, who has been releasing on the label since the very beginning. He produced a massive banger of a track, called “Ultraheart” which is very strong and groovy. It’s a trip in which you find yourself in trance between the power of the groove and the spacy vibe.

Moving on to another big talent on the release. The Dutch SO:MG. created a wonderful progressive vibe in which we love to dream away very much. His track “Thunaer” is simply a delight. Cyantist, the masters of epic melodic techno, pull off their signature cinematic feel once again with easy-going voices in their track “Everywhere”.

Another fresh face on the imprint is Somnium. He created a simple and gentle harmonic beauty. The melody in his “Conexus” surprises us with a wonderful twist, that is gluing it all together. “Zircon” by Nakul C. is a beautiful melodic trip with mesmerizing arps and a floating brass sounds take you away to another planet.

German producer Talal Bazzi’s “Aswad” takes care of another bomb. He’s been releasing awesome work in the past on the label and keeps true to his recognizable rolling bassline and progressive psytrance elements. Rave Sickness also has a new appearance on Aftertech Records. All about positive vibes and feel-good melodies spreading joy on his track called “Massive”.

Infaam Konijn, closes the release with a groovy, laid back tech-house track. The subtle yet powerful bass on “Rogue Books” works wonders while the acidic melody just keeps on going.

Enjoy this fabulous VA compilation called Aftertunes #13.

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