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MOGA Festival

MOGA Essaouira 2022 – Top 5 Performances


MOGA is one of the most stunning festivals to visit at this time of year. It goes down in Morocco, famously on the site of a Game of Thrones filming location, in a dusty city called Essaouira with buckets of natural beauty, charm and a wealth of local culture.

The various stages all have their own great look and feel, with organic production and a very warm and friendly crowd from all over the world. The festival was very well organised, security was very helpful and the staff was friendly and of course, the DJs all performed at their best. 

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Here are five of the top performances. 

DJ Python 

DJ Python played on the Terrasse stage and began with a superbly slow and seductive mix of reggaeton and bass music. He slowly cranked up the tempo with deep, dubby rhythms that draw you in, and dropped classics by Dengue Dengue Dengue and Chico Sonido’s Today Friki.

Habibi Funk

This man drops weird and wonderful grooves as you have never heard before. His all-vinyl set at Terrasse stage included top moments like the classic French rap tune Tonton du Bled by 113, an anthem for French and Arabic people alike. It got huge reactions. 

Maalem Khalid Sansi, Lala Tamar and Moullinex 

This collective of talents played at the Pool stage. It made for a real collision of cultural sounds and really captured the eclectic and worldly spirit of the festival. Everyone seemed emotional during this moment, not least us.

Acid Arab

The magical Garden stage is where Acid Arab played and brought their own heritage to the fore with their nice and twisted techno. Acid of course featured with pulsing synth work and dark moods and grooves with psychedelic overtones.  

Francesco del Garda

The renowned digger and selector was in true form in Essaouira. A slick journey through his ever-unidentifiable record bag, the Italian slunk from minimal to proggy house to chuggy acid-tinged cuts.

MOGA returns to Caparica, Lisbon from June 1-4th, 2023 – tickets via

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