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“Mycelium Network” by Tha_Guts

The album is built by eight tracks that form a macrostructural function, amidst the noise and delicate ambiances

In Mycelium Network, the Brazilian Tha_Guts traces a musical panorama that balances synthetic and organic sounds harmoniously in 8 tracks. From a willingness to experiment that emerges from the detachment of genres and create delicate ambiances that align with his musical ecosystem, the producer presents an incredibly complex album.

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Tha_Guts started composing in 2020, still in the context of the social reclusion during the pandemic, which was reflected in different moments of Mycelium Network.

Added with different organic instruments, it is possible to feel the constancy of elements such as rhodes and pianos in almost every track — essential for organic tones. As a form of contrast, the producer adds, sometimes, rough textures to the percussions, which fulfill a different function from the melodic.

The artist also demonstrates meticulous work with ambiances and textures. Recorded after the album was fully written, they were put together in order to provide a more immersive experience in each track — implying the extra sensorial aspect that gives the album a special touch.

The album has a post-production that matches its structuring. In addition to L_cio in post-production, the mastering process was signed by RHR, who suggested to the producer the mastering on roll tape with Arthur Joly.  Released through dsrptv rec,  the record label founded by Tha_Guts, Mycelium Network is available for digital listening and coming soon to a limited edition on cassette tape.

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Article by Isabela Junqueira

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