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Nadja Lind from LucidFlow

Nadja Lind about a decade of Lucidflow

Lucidflow celebrates 10 years with a sublime compilation on wax

For their tenth anniversary, Lucidflow returns to physical media with a value-packed slice of wax. Klatraum and co-owner Nadja Lind feature, alongside production behemoth D. Diggler and, fresh face to the family, Spettro. The vinyl edition of this release is strictly limited with a full-colour sleeve to accompany it.

Over the ten years of Lucidflow, Nadja and Helmut have steered a ship that has seen luminary artists such as Silicone Soul, Ian Pooley, Funk D‘Void, Brendon Moeller, Helly Larson and Justin Berkovi guest within its catalogue.

We had a chat with Nadja Lind about this 10th anniversary. Enjoy the read.

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Connect with Lucidflow Records on Soundcloud | Facebook | Bandcamp | Website

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Looking back at 10 years of LucidFlow with Nadja Lind

Guess you have something to celebrate? Congratulations with the 10th anniversary of your label “Lucidflow”. How does that make you feel?
I am feeling incredibly grateful and I like to use the opportunity to thank all our fans and artists who have been supporting us throughout our journey and made this possible! Can’t believe how quickly ten years just passed by. This just brings to my awareness to value the time we are given and not waste time nor postpone things that are important for your soul.

This just brings to my awareness to value the time we are given and not waste time nor postpone things that are important for your soul.

Looking back at those 10 years, a lot must have been changed? How did it all start out and how did you come to this day?
Yes sure, change is life and shift happens. Like one breath follows the next. I started Lucidflow together with my dear friend Helmut in 2009 in order to have a platform for our own music in the first place. From there it’s developed quickly to being a presentation for other artists as well. We are very happy to have so many fantastic artists on our roster from the beginning like Silicone Soul, Brendon Moeller, Steve Rachmad aka STERAC, Funk D’Void, Terry Lee Brown Junior to just name a few. It was basically Helmut’s idea to found a label. He’s to ‘blame’. 😉

What’s changed? Well over time and in the process we learned what we want and what we don’t want and to act accordingly. That’s a big accomplishment for us and gives us a clear direction label-wise, music-wise and in life in general. It’s important to find out who you are not in order to find out who you are.

Is the vision and direction you had set out for the label still actual? Or did you modify in the past ten years?
Our vision has evolved organically: All these years we have never cared about the current mainstream flavour of the season. That’s pretty awesome. We discovered incredibly talented artists some of which have become close friends. We’ve met so many beautiful people along the way who give us so much love. It’s a true blessing. We evolved over time and came to the consent to not do anything that our inner voice doesn’t agree to. Be it people, locations, sounds, ideas or what not. (LUCID)FLOW is our vision and direction.

We evolved over time and came to the consent to not do anything that our inner voice doesn’t agree to. Be it people, locations, sounds, ideas or what not.

10 years is an absolute highlight. Are there other special moments you want to talk about?
It definitely is! Hard to choose but for us personally that certainly was our Klartraum Concert at the beautiful Passion Church in Berlin last October 2018! A journey through many years of Klartraum music that we have been releasing on our Lucidflow imprint, newly arranged and played live in a completely different context supported by the fine AkustoOptik VJ team. Mind-blowing! The Passion Church Concert album has just been released. There have been many memorable moments though.

Passion Church in Berlin

If you could snap your fingers and dramatically change some aspect of the music industry, what would you do?
I am thinking, what if music and ‘industry’ were disconnected. So money could not buy plays, charts and what not. A refreshing thought, don’t you think?

TGMS: Absolutely!

What would you like your legacy as Lucidflow to be?
Timeless music that conveys a message, good memories and feelings. And an inspiration to reflect on yourself and your connection to your surroundings and environment … and maybe result in acts of kindness, tolerance and freedom.

You are going to celebrate with a VA compilation on vinyl. Great names on there. Talk us through this release. How did this one come together?
On this special 10th Anniversary vinyl is a new Klartraum dub techno piece “Weltenwandler” I created together with Helmut. Feels like a new era has begun. Also a fantastic summer tune by Spettro “Lunch with Kerri”.

One track I made in co-op with one of my all-time favourite producers D. Diggler “Mekong Delta”. And last but not least “Holistic Kit” which is a little faster than what you’d expect from me but still deep and with the lucid dub vibe. This limited edition vinyl is available from Monday 6th May 2019 on in your record stores (e.g. ).

As a label, you are always looking at the next steps. What is it that is next? Releases, changes in the team, approach, …?
We have come up with some new artists on Lucidflow e.g. Andy Bach, Patrick Chardronnet but also Dub Taylor/Tigerskin, Franksen and Spettro again. Of course, Nadja Lind solo and Klartraum as well. We’ve also produced some big cinematic Klartraum ambient music we call ‘Klartraum Ambient Attitudes’. Beautiful.

On to another 10 years! Congrats again.
Well, thank you so much! Also for the nice interview questions and taking the time. I am so delighted and grateful. Thanks again to our listeners and supporters. <3
(Remember to smile every day…)

Thank you

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