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Name/age – Us Apart EP (MBF LTD 12059)

NAME/AGE - us apart


2011 Saw the musical birth of Maurice Uzzan, A.K.A Whitesquare, a born and bred Roman who has been making waves as an upcoming House producer. With Whitsesquare he releases tracks on labels like Skint rec., Ministry of Sound, Defected and others.

Since the beginning of 2013 Maurice started a new venture under the name NAME/AGE. With NAME/AGE he wants to explore the deepest and most radical border between electronic music and new experimental pop. The target is to bend the sound into a kind of vortex of music without interruption. Trying to focus on the feeling of picked up sounds from various genres… techno, house, hip hop, soundtracks, etc. …

After an intense year filled with studio sessions, Maurice has now finished the first EP called “Us Apart” and will be released on MBF LTD, a sub-label of Traum Schallplatten.

Us Apart EP

The EP opens with ‘Running Slow’ which basically is a super deep commencement but becomes a driving experimental deep house tune. The acoustic feeling of the track keeps it very lush and soulful. Great opener.

‘Separate’ with percussion carries a beautiful lingering synth melody which fades in and out, performing with different dynamics & energy levels. The break down at halftime is done with a lot of understanding for the deeper feeling of house music.

‘When It Come To An End’ starts with a different style of percussion and toms . It’s a tune that leaves you with mixed feelings: happy & sad. It’s an understatement when we say this is a great house track. It fluidly changes perspectives and manifest itself through different emotional states. It acts in waves and is a perfect last track for NAME/AGE ‘s Us Apart EP.

Stay tuned:
Release date Beatport: 18 August 2014
Release date Digital: 01 September 2014

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Rating: 3,5/5
Label: MFB LTD
Release date: Aug 18, 2014
Format: Digital

Track list:

  1. Running Slow
  2. Separate
  3. When It Comes To An End

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