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Nite Grooves drops No. 584. A compilation filled with warm deep house tracks.

We got notice of this fine compilation the other day. A release filled with some club delights. And coming from Nite Grooves means this can’t be bad at all. This release is already n°584 in their catalog. All quality music.

No. 584 EP” contains 5 tracks, some with a deeper sound than the other and the one more uptempo than the other. Hope you are ready for this one which will not leave you standing … but dancing.

The EP kicks in with DJ/Producers Jolyon Petch and Mobin Master who join forces to drop a vocal house bomb “Jumpin”. A dance floor detonator this is. We can already see you with those hands up!

The virtuoso and vinyl lover coming from the UK, Stark D, steps out of the dance train with his original mix, dark and late night groovyness called “Meant To Be.” Tune in here to this dark night cruiser:

Mister Salo and vocalist Bjorn Maria together take care of an phenomenal nu-disco club track. “Lost in time” is not stolen as a title. Shine them shoes and start dancing.

UK based Le Visiteur takes you on melodic deep house trip with his great piano laden “In My Soul”. Winter is coming in Europe but this still leaves a summer afterglow in our minds.

Last but not least, our friends from Israel, Soulfeed come with a fantastic deep cut called “Triangls”. How deep and warm do you want your track to be?. We are hooked since the time they released “Kind of Mellow” over a year ago.

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