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Stian Pedersen prepared a mix for Tanzgemeinschaft's Nordic Distinct mix series

Nordic Distinct 005: Stian Pedersen

We’ve previously visited Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen, so for the 005th episode of Nordic Distinct I wanted to invite someone from Norway. I got hooked on his “#53 Mixtape” on Soundcloud, and when I got to the break of ”Moodler (Melodic Interpretation)” by Salero & Miguel Bastida, and heard the creaking lead, I instantly got curious about getting to know more about Stian Pedersen and his music. / EILLOM

Stian Pedersen is a DJ and vinyl enthusiast based in Trondheim. He is resident at Lokal Klubb, MR in MRMRS and part of the DJ collective Freek Soundsystem. He has been a part of the electronic music scene in Trondheim for more than two decades and spends every available moment searching for new music and hidden treasures to add to his collection. Stian is known for his musical diversity and talent for picking the right tracks at the right moment. His life long passion for electronic music shines through in everything he do, curating the best tracks from across the musical spectrum.

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Hi Stian! Where are you from (city/area) and what makes that place special?

I was born here in Trondheim, where I live right now, but I grew up on a small Island called Vega, up north in Norway. Vega only has 1200 inhabitants, so I didn’t have many likeminded people to share my love for electronic music with. What makes Vega special is the beautiful nature and rough weather conditions. The Island is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

What’s the best and worst thing about living in Norway?

At the moment, I have to say that the best thing with Norway is the well established and free health care system and that it’s a democracy. That can’t be said of some other countries in the world right now. The worst thing for someone like me is the fact that the clubs have to close at 02.00 AM and alcohol is really expensive. Some come early to dance and enjoy the music, but most arrive late, since they party at home first. That makes it really hard to build a culture for clubbing here in Trondheim.

Are there any interesting organization’s/charities/projects involving music based/happening in your city right now?

Because of the pandemic, everything is put on hold. We’re all waiting for permission to dance in the clubs again. Until then we’re doing the same as the rest of the world, doing live streams.

There are so many talented artists out there that I wouldn’t have heard about without streaming.

How would you describe your sound and style?

This is a difficult one. I have a varied sound and when I look for music I select tracks that speaks to me. I don’t’ like to restrict myself to one sound, for me it’s more fun to have a wider sound palette to choose from. When I play longer sets – which I love – I can play around with my «brushes». I’ll work the floor by trying out different tracks to see what might work when something hits home, I know where I’m going. The best feeling is when you get great feedback from the crowd.

When I play longer sets – which I love – I can play around with my «brushes».

What exciting news do you have in the works for the coming months?

It all depends on when club’s open up again. My wife and I (MRMRS) have a residency at Lokal Klubb here in Trondheim. We can’t wait to play for people again. I’m also one-third of a DJ collective called Freek Soundsystem that also puts on nights at the same club.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

I’ve had my fair share of mistakes! Earlier I would let even small mistakes get to me. I was my own worst critic. Recently I accidentally stopped the track that was playing out, which can happen when you get lost in the music. Instead of panicking I just fast-forwarded the track so everyone could hear it. The floor loved it!

Mistakes are not the end of the world. Most people won’t even notice.

Can you recommend one DJ to our readers which you feel deserves their attention?

I would like to recommend Pedro Sanmartín, one of my friends here in Trondheim. He is both a great DJ and an up and coming producer. You should check him out! On 30th of July Tanzgemeinschaft’s Stelarik released an EP called Phantom, which aslo includes a remix of Empress by Pedro Sanmartín.

Tell us about the mix you’ve made for Tanzgemeinschaft Nordic Distinct!

I’ve made a mix that’ll put you in a dream state. It has lush pads, warm basses, trippy melodies, a bit of acid and some attitude. Elements I love!

Thank you!

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