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BLOND:ISH & Whitesquare put their touch on newly released "Blooming Flower" from Parallells via Sapiens

BLOND:ISH & Whitesquare put their touch on newly released “Blooming Flower” from Parallells via Sapiens

Agoria’s cultured Sapiens imprint is fast approaching its 50th release. But prior to this, a stunning offering by label regulars Parallells in the form of “Blooming Flower” is unleashed. BLOND:ISH and talk of the town Italian DJ and Producer Whitesquare have stepped up with two mesmerizing remixes.

The 3-track EP consists of a brand new fully acoustic version of Parallells and Abundance’ hit “Blooming Flower” and is sat very snuggly between the two remixes.

An incredible EP with vibrancy from the outset.

Available here:

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