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PiNKE presents his second release, Saphira, through the Subliminar label

Lead yourself through a hypnotic immersion between the four tracks of the EP. Come and listen!

Detached from stylistic barriers and focusing his strength on sound stimuli that aim at a sensation of hypnosis, the São Paulo-based PiNKE returns with his new EP released by Subliminar. Saphira was materialized through four immersive tracks, which bring the sonic traits aimed by the artist.

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Passing by places like Sala 575, Caos, Galeria 1212, both his set constructions and his productions convey an immersive, progressive and also objective sound experience, focusing on a selection of tracks that can range from Downtempo to Trance, passing through House, Break, Indie and acidic stimuli. Fully involved in music, he keeps his artistic facet alive and properly nurtured, whether playing, producing or acting. Caio, as he is also known, works as A&R at Sorry Daddy Records, is a resident of Beco do Gato Club and maintains relationships with the collectives Elemental, Recreio Clubber and Núcleo.

His latest release was “Glaser”, by the Rio de Janeiro’s label Me Gusta Records, in the second edition of Cardume VA, which yielded great feedback from professional partners present in the compilation. In Saphira, a hypnotic and disruptive immersion takes place, distributed in four heterogeneous moments, revealing different layers of electronic music in an approach not always expected, which shows us Caio’s detachment when creating.

“Saphira is a set of tracks that explore breakbeat in a different way than Glaser. Because it’s an EP, I managed to achieve my goal of putting together tracks that were complementary, and that could be together – with the same sound aesthetic – completing themselves in a four-part story. In this set, I wanted to explore acid, which has always been present in all my presentations and is part of my identity, always bringing the most nocturnal themes, and at that moment, with a more involving and fierce theme. I really liked the result of all the tracks on the EP, and I’m sure that anyone who followed Glaser’s release will not be disappointed with Saphira!”

An EP that stands out in terms of creativity and originality. A great choice for anyone looking for productions outside of the box.

Article by Maria Angélica Parmigiani

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