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Premiere: The GOAT – Live Right Now


We admire this great label from Canada. UNT Records is always pushing boundaries with work that surprises. This time around they come with new work from Chris Marcinkiewicz aka The GOAT who has been been playing throughout Western Canada under various monikers since the mid 2000’s.

In 2016 Marcinkiewicz finally honed in on the unique stripped-down, percussive, eccentric style of warehouse techno that has come to define The GOAT. It’s a style that was inspired by his early days as a punk and thrash drummer, travels to Berlin and Eastern Europe, and the rapidly burgeoning techno scene of the Canadian west.

It was his experiences as a live musician, in particular, that shaped his focus on texture. Bands like Minor Threat, At The Drive-In, and The Locust captivated Marcinkiewicz with their ability to harmonize what many would perceive as noise, elements like distorted chords, seemingly chaotic drumming, and the coarseness of a scream.

He sure knows how to make his debut on the label. A two-track EP with this thrilling peak-time work.

Live right now

We get to premiere the title track ‘Live Right Now’. This one is the softer and little more melodic of the 2 tracks. We say little, but it opens with a sound that feels like a hundred Viking ships are approaching. Feel the darkness! Over time it changes to a more groovy & juggernaut rhythm with a driving bass and uplifting elements.

Rolling thunder this is!!

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Streaming & Pre-Order March 19, 2018
Worldwide Release April 2, 2018

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