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Premiere + interview: Bohn – I Know

We love the way they work and support their artists. We had several chats with label owner John Norman of the Canada-based UNT records and each time he surprises us with his fresh and clear view on the music industry. What amazes us most, is how each new release comes to live. As well the way they select their talents. Each time a young super talent or an established veteran that is pushed forward because of their amazing talent. This time they are bringing a name that has been around music for a long time. A true veteran based out of Montpellier (France) where he is a co-organizer of the Family Piknik Festival, the very talented artist, Bohn.

Premiere: Bohn – I Know

We are very pleased by UNT’s request to let us premiere the title track of Bohn’s upcoming release ‘I know’. A very nice tech-oriented workout with industrial influences that’s as serious as it is functional. Besides a premiere, we got the chance to talk to Bohn about his endeavours in the past and future.

The release has been split up and the two originals are accompanied by ‘Synth Tool’ versions that expose the backbone of their original counterparts. A very nice addition and special way to do a release.

Play it loud and enjoy!

Interview: Bohn about his musical endeavours

Hello there, how are things these days?
Hello. I’m pretty good! Last weekend I played together with GARY BECK and it was fun, I was able to test my new production on a loud system, and the audience was very receptive.

Very nice to hear. So let’s cut to the chase. What characterizes your music style?
It is to the public that we should ask this question! I still have a hard time talking about myself. I would say a big kick with rhythmic elements that make my groove a hypnotic lead and dark voices. I definitely remain techno, straight or German.

You, Bohn, have been around on the scene for quite some time. How did it all evolve? Where did it start and how did you became the producer/DJ you are now?
That’s a lot of questions at once! Actually, it’s been 25 years that I am in the electronic music scene. I grew up in a night club; my mother was a barmaid, and I went out with my uncle who already produced techno and we mixed on old turntables. I lived in Dijon back then and I was lucky to have “L’Anfer”. Laurent Garnier was the resident DJ with the party nights for which we waited impatiently to occur every weekend! I was fascinated by this new mix approach. In 1992 I played there as well. Then my parents decided to move to the island of the Reunion, where the electronic scene did not exist. So I had to organize events, where I invited DJs on a regular base. Production came later as a therapy when I stopped drinking alcohol! I needed it.

What do you find most challenging about the music business back then and today?
Very good question! At the time, digital did not exist and we worked with vinyl. Production needed hardware: 808/909 Juno / ms10 / ms20 … we promoted by mixtapes and had to travel to meet promoters. Songs had a longer life span. It was more elitist I think …

Digital and social networks have changed everything and revolutionized – the Ableton, Reason, Fruity Loops scene have revealed many young talents, social networks have facilitated the relationship between promoters, agents, artists, and the music has become disposable. A race to the last bomb, replaced following by another, etc …

Was there a specific moment you realized that you wanted to be on the other side of the dance party – as the DJ? Or was it the other way around?
I would say both at the same time, I danced a lot on the new beat and acid house, and at the same time, I mixed. At least I was practicing.

We get to premiere one of the tracks of your upcoming release ‘I know’. Very nice sound, with industrial influences. Want to tell us a bit about this release and the title track?
‘I Know’ is a track that is groovy and melancholic. The words “I know the drums of the bear” are due to the fact that one calls me “daddy bear”. This slow side is rhythmic, it makes me think of a bear stepping out of hibernation, looking for prey to put it in its mouth.
The second starts at that point – WTBEAdam is When The Bear Eats Adam.

What do you want your audience to feel when they listen to this new work?
My soul; like all my Tracks it is a bit of me that I give each time

Very nice. I know, John Norman, the label owner is very passionate about his music and the music he signs. How did you end up with UNT records for this release?
I was in contact with John Norman for a while and sent him the demos! He had to be touched by the atmosphere of the tracks because he answered me in the stride to tell me he wanted to release it. I was very happy.

Will we be seeing more of your work appear on this imprint?
Yes, I think that in remix or EP I have a lot of tracks in store 🙂

What’s next for you? New work, playing somewhere?
I have releases planned on my label Nfr records and I am currently collaborating with the Ukrainian artist OLEG MASS. I will release a track called DARKNESS with a remix from him.
And I am booked to play FAMILY PIKNIK FESTIVAL that I co-founded with TOMPOOKS. I will be there with LOCODICE / SVEN VATH / HAWTIN / LA FLEURE ….

I am also preparing the closing of my nights at LITTLE BERLIN on June 9th with WEX 10, a French artist whose remixes the greatest!

Thank you very much for your time. Have a nice day.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music!

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