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Mumbaata & Leo Janeiro

Premiere: Leo Janeiro & Mumbaata’s sensuous Solaris (Andre Buljat remix)

Leo Janeiro & Mumbaata are next up on Warung with two fresh new cuts that get remixed by strong versatile artists, HNQO and Andre Buljat. We get to premiere the real groovy & melodic remix from the latter, Andre Buljat. His version of the smooth and sensual opening track is more direct and uplifting. A late night deep house cut that benefits greatly from some warm chords and sweaty percussion.

Leo Janeiro & Mumbaata – Solaris EP

Mumbaata, a duo that is known for their concept of dancefloor oriented music with influences ranging from African and Brazilian cultures, sometimes also with unusual genres such as jazz. Lennox & Pedro are all about worshiping the body and the mind, represented in their music through a balanced percussion and sublime melodies, just like we know the music from Brazil and what you can hear on most of their releases.

They pair up with no other than Leo Janeiro, one of the most outstanding DJ’s Brazil has to offer these days. With a sound that can be defined as house music with extreme technical skills and quality musical taste. So this feels like a perfect Brazilan match.

‘Solaris’, the title track, is one smooth sensuous groove. Lush chords and warm pads lifting you up to higher grounds. The sun-baked warmth of this track surely creates a sigh of bliss. ‘House feel’, is built upon an uplifting groove and a driving percussion. Laden with slick musical touches and immaculately programmed beats. Very energetic.

First up to remix is HNQO, the Playperview boss who takes on Solaris. A deep rolling and groove beat accompanying nice soft chords.

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