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Linus Quick - true friends

Premiere: Linus Quick – Celtic Movement

Celtic Movement

A new premiere on Tanzgemeinschaft. This time we get the privilege to showcase ‘Celtic Movement’, one of the tracks on the upcoming album release of Linus Quick.

‘Celtic Movement’ is a pulsation & brooding techno affair. Haunting vocal snippets and rattling synth chords make this one hell of an electrifying all night stomper.

Bring the light

A powerful and intensive techno monolith – this is how Linus Quick’s new album BRING THE LIGHT (out on TKR, the imprint of Torsten Kanzler) can be described the best. It took him one whole year to get those 10 steamy tracks ready, whose technoid heartbeat make its way into every capillar vessel and is now brought to life.

Not only has Linus Quick found himself with this album, with BRING THE LIGHT he also activates an enlightening wave of endorphines, whose aftermath can only be guessed.

The almost pulsing groove is reduced to the core and takes you back to Linus Quick’s early acid house and Detroit techno-beginnings. Out of this blaze the new album now arises with an irrepressible urge for motion.

In BRING THE LIGHT Linus Quick combines impulsive synthesizer melodies, creaking FX sounds, warm soundscapes and pumping basslines to an intoxicating extravaganza. Ten tracks that are standing for deep melodic techno, turning a night out into an unforgettable trip. Ten timeless productions with a love to sound details, where you can hear the passion for clubbing as well as the functionality.

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