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Simina Grigoriu

PREMIERE: Simina Grigoriu – Edge Of The World (Nusha Remix)

Globetrotter producer-DJ and label head Simina Grigoriu is about to unveil ‘Edge Of The World’ on Jan 29. The EP is built around a crisp and harmonious original and banded together with three sublime remixes.

Nusha’s intensified Edge of the world

One of the latter comes from Romanian DJ & producer Nusha who brings a minimal flair to Simina’s original, stripping down its elements and rebuilding an imminent groove onset by the way of gloomy vocals and impish percussion. With Nusha you always get something new and fresh to discover. Tune in & enjoy the premiere.

Edge of the world

The title track from Simina Grigoriu unveils a punchy straight-hitter with a constant array of piercing hi-hats atop its eponymous vocal. One made for the highly strained moments of a set, it’s a track that combines dark atmospheres and metallic leads with subtle harmonious undertones.

It’s these harmonic underlayers that the AKA AKA fellows base their remix on. Enhancing the melodic bits and adding oomph with extra zippy pads, not to mention a slow mo-gone-fast forward drop, the result is a mind-bending one.

Housemeister‘s perspective appears scintillated and fragmented, with an emphasis on the dance appeal. Bass and percussion come first, followed by a steady lead and minimalist elements heading into a blissed-out oblivion.

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