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Raw Power! Zuckermann – So Not Sorry (Negativ Dekadent ReDub)

Early August we will a great banging release coming up. Berlin-based record label Destroy All Monsters will launch their 7th release. This time about, the imprint looks closer to home, enlisting the services of label owner Zuckermann, who delivers with aplomb on the vibe heavy sounds of the ‘So Not Sorry’ EP. Three tracks of raw power.

Zuckermann’s wild and noisy disorder

The title of the EP already hints at a mean track, and the actual result delivers on that. Firm and uncompromising, it moves at a frantic pace, all the while building steam and chugging along with serious momentum. A surefire dancefloor battle weapon that’s certain to prompt pandemonium wherever it’s unleashed, this one is practically tailor made for gargantuan spaces à la Berghain. A truly devastating piece of music, it’s best you handle this one with care…

On the remix tip, fellow label owner Negativ Dekadent then puts his own unique stamp on things. His interpretation follows a similar path but adds a sense of further consternation thanks to an acid-led sub bassline that’s sure to generate goose bumps on the dance floor.

Culminating the package is Leandro Gámez, label chief of now famed “Sub tl” from Spain. He retains the original’s zippy synths and works them into a whole different beast altogether that goes in with maximum (but sub to) power right from the start. A rough and ready release featuring three equally muscular cuts, DAMN!’s latest really is a joy to behold.

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