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Reface – Blackville. Mystery combined with soft & deepness.

He is fairly new to us. Don’t know where he comes from. No background info to find. He keeps his persona very secretive. Even on social media channels it’s all covered in mystery. So our guessing is that he or she is a newcomer in the music industry and tries to make an entry in style: hidden face in a hoody on his Facebook profile, for the rest all black and dark pictures. A new Claptone or Boris Brechja is born? Who’s there to tell?

Notwithstanding he must have been silently hiding and producing some slick beats and decided to unleash his fresh, wild and playful dancefloor weapons upon us. Israel based Take Away Music had their radar pointed in the right direction and signed him for a deal. It gets even better when Berlin based Mario Aureo was spotted in the area to take care of one of the remixes.

Opening track ‘Blackville’ is one insane rhythmic groove. A fine disco beat and the sound of crazy crows make it one hell of a floor filler. Past Fury is a little more bass laden. Not too heavy, just to make it a sweet-shuffling house track.

It’s difficult to stay in your seat when hearing Mario Aureo’s extra house flavoured & wax coated version of Blackville. Both the original and this remix are all you need to satisfy your dancing needs.

Great first missive for label and artist in 2016. And whatever it is, we are curious for what comes after Blackville!

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