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Resonance - Light Anthems

Resonance catches you in a dream with ‘Light Anthems’

Every day our mailbox is jammed with new and upcoming releases from great artists and labels all over the globe. Going through a lot of tracks is a lot of work but also feels nice as often we discover some really nice gems. So is this EP from Spanish electronic music producer, Resonance, on Univack Records. The record label surely is known for their great progressive house releases. So is this 50th release. We find it one of their best releases thus far.

Resonance’s Light Anthem is a magical tale.

After the release of his previous album, ‘Light Continuum’ at the end of 2016, Javier Pérez aka Resonance got the recognition from the Spanish press and support from the Spanish audience and music critics. With faith, so it feels and a huge portion of energy, the producer dropped his new work called ‘Light Anthems’. This EP is simply sublime according to our taste in electronic music.

‘Light Anthems’ contains four live mixes and only one original. Two tracks are revisited work and one of these, ‘Light Continuum’ has been added as well as an extended mix.

A fantastic ethereal and melodic piece of work. That’s a hard fact about ‘Scape Anthem’. Stretched-out pads, bubbly synthesizer melodies and a smooth rolling energetic beat. Play it and you’ll get lost in this magical tale. Before you know it, your journey continues on ‘Light Continuum’. The atmosphere changes a little bit. You will be lifted to g-higher grounds with the sweet chimes, soft peeping sounds, a deep bass and the accompanying vocals. Such a great vibe Resonance created on these two live mixes.

On ‘Jumping back the waves’ Resonance collaborates with Hypersunday to create a more club-oriented version of an earlier release. They add a more uplifting beat accompanied by a mind-altering bass, swinging machine percussion and catchy rhythm to makes this a real shuffler.

The only original to be found on this release is called Quiet Surface’ and feels undoubtly mesmerizing. It’s like looking at the dew rolling over a lake early in the morning at sunrise. That magical quiet and peaceful feeling that touches you.

The EP is released in digital format and a very ultra limited edition on cassette.

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