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Roberto Pagliaccia releases Out Of Tune via Lapsus Music

Roberto Pagliaccia releases Out Of Tune via Lapsus Music

Italian DJ and producer Roberto Pagliaccia makes his debut on Lapsus Music with a superb single featuring the mighty Mizbee on vocals. On remix duty they have the pleasure work again with UK finest talents Prok & Fitch.

We took the time to sit down and have a short chat about the release. Enjoy the read.

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Hey Roberto, how are you? What’s good and bad?

Hello Tanzgemeinschaft! It’s a huge pleasure to talk with you and to all your readers today! Luckily there are no bad vibes around me in this period. I’m just tremendously excited for my very first release that’s just come out on Lapsus Music. Hope you will enjoy and will get all “Out Of Tune”

What would you like to see change about the dance world once we all return?

Honestly I would not change so much. When you lose something you do really care about you just focus on the good things. I hope and I’m sure that when we’ll be back on the dancefloor it will be a great motivation booster for all of us. Suddenly we will forget for a moment the difficult period we’re coming from.

How did you survive the last year, what did you learn about yourself?

I could not deny it was hard as it was for everyone, but music has been my strength. I’ve spent a long time in my studio and if it hadn’t been that much maybe I would not be able to talk about my upcoming tracks today. That’s why I consider myself lucky in any case.

What was the musical inspiration for the new one on lapsus, what was the aim with the tune?

The goal was to merge the most authentic and contemporary tech house sound with a super catchy melody through the delicious voice of Mizbee. Coming out on Lapsus as my very first label it’s a great honour and I’m very grateful to Supernova for laying their trust in my mad taste for music!

Buy Roberto Pagliaccia EP “Out Of Tune” feat. Mizbee incl. Prok & Fitch Remix here

Is it weird writing music without any club feedback or any event party experiences?

Yes, it was, Especially for me! I’m expressing my producer’s side since one year now and the most of my upcoming releases have been influenced more by the “studio feedbacks” than by the “dancefloor feedbacks” but I think it’s just part of the period we are all living. I truly believe it’s always fair enough to express yourself just the way you are and you are feeling, that’s why I came out with more polished melodies and more elaborated breaks.

About the vocals – how important is what it says, the lyrics, should they mean something or are they more about adding a human sound to the music?

I truly believe in the power of words, whatever the context it is. In this release Mizbee adds a lot of groove and expresses a clear and decisive concept outspoken. I adore her voice and the way she shows her intimate world through her words.

What gear do you have in the studio? Hardware or software? Do you care about the tools you use?

Honestly, my studio is constantly in evolution as I like to update it month by month. I love to get advice from friends about brand new gears and upgrades. I always end up putting brand new stuff, changing characters and positions of my studio setup. Beyond that I could never do without my Diva, Serum and Legend plugins and my NI S49, Korg Volca and Mini Moog hardware. 

What else you working on/have you got coming up?

There’s a lot to come! After “Out of Tune” May will be the month of a more melodic project coming out on Blackboard including a remix by Audiojack. I can hardly wait!!!

What have you missed most in the last year during the pandemic?

I missed a lot my friend’s and pals meetings. I think personal meetings and human touch are the most important things pandemic is siphoning off but I also miss a lot to travel. I’m sure not all evils come to harm and I’m pretty confident everything will be more appreciated and guarded when pandemic will be gone. I give to all of you a huge hug and I hope to see you as soon as possible somewhere on a dancelfoor! 

Thank you

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