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Rodyy presents his "Sonar" EP.

Rodyy shows his value as melodic techno producer on his “Sonar” EP

In its twentieth release, Prototype Music presents the Brazilian producer Rodyy. The artist made his debut on Innure’s label with the EP “Sonar”, which arrived with three original tracks, with quite suggestive names.

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“Pulse” brings “heart frequencies” to 124 beats per minute, interposing arpeggiated and progressive melodies that gradually build a bed filled with harmony and warmth, even in an adventurous sense. 

Darker, more mysterious and closed, “Hydro” could quietly be the soundtrack to some aquatic phase (but dark vibe) of an action game.

Like the previous one, “Acqua” alludes to H2O in its name. The climate is also dark and mysterious, but in a slightly more open tone. It’s the ideal song to finish the EP, as it builds an aura of final mission, the last act of an epic journey – and the sporadic noises that refer to truck horns contribute too much to this perception.

“Sonar” is, in short, a great calling card to learn more about the work of Rodyy, who has more than ten years of career, although he started to release music in 2019 – having gone through labels like Eternal Beats, Boston Underground and Mind Connector Records.

Article by Lau Ferreira


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