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Producer & DJ, Saray

Saray: get to know the artist

Saray is a Spanish DJ and producer with 25 years of musical experience. She has played in the best nationally and internationally clubs, always taking great care of technique and musical taste.

Later this year she will be part of the Various Artist compilation we are releasing together with our colleagues of Electronic Music Anthem. We took the time to get to know the artist a little better and server her some questions.

Enjoy her interview.

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Thank you for your time and welcome to Tanzgemeinschaft.

Thank you very much for your support!

For our readers who don’t know much about you, could you tell us a bit about your musical background?

Producer and DJ from Barcelona, ​​for 23 years when there were hardly any women in the booths

 I have been lucky enough to play with the best DJs in the most cutting-edge venues nationally and internationally. I have produced for labels like tekkton, DM, Synergy recordings, House work…

I currently collaborate with EMA both at the agency level and at the production level, always faithful to my Indie dance, Progressive house and melodic techno style.

When working on new music is the dance floor always something you keep in mind? Or does a certain vibe or flow sometimes transcend that?

Yes, I always make the music thinking about the dance floor and the emotion it can transmit.

Later this year you will have a track on our Various Artist compilation. Tell us all about that work. How did this one come together? From idea to creative process to final result.

It is a project of JG Outsider and myself (great professional and friend). Last year we had the pleasure to meet Barbara Gramage, a composer, musician, blues and R & B vocalist. We proposed her to record some of her songs to cover them in our musical style. So we did and the result is spectacular. We are very happy with this production.

Do you believe in the possibility of “reading an audience” – and how do you put it into practice? Is the relationship with the audience on the dancefloor a collaborative one or, as Derrick May once put it, a “battle”? 

I have always believed that the most important thing is to connect with the people in front of you, whether it is a big or small club or any event. I always like to arrive early and see what kind of atmosphere there is, observe how they respond or what people need. For me, psychology is 50% of my job.

What do you find most challenging about the music business?

When I started in music we only played vinyl. I remember going every week to my usual music stores to buy the best copies. sometimes there were a few copies of very good songs that only i and a few other people had. when music was not available to everyone, everything was more exclusive.

when I switched to digital, music became available to everyone, platforms, programs to produce …. So now there is a lot of everything and it is difficult to make a niche and get far. In addition to that now you have to work a lot of social networking

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?

I have learned to enjoy this path (these 23 wonderful years have passed quickly) without frustration or haste … valuing all those people who were and are with me on each set or each project.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year? Any new music or collaborations we should know about?

I have important productions pending for this year, with their corresponding videos and collaborations.

If you could have produced any record in the world, which one would it be?

Uff what a difficult question !! There is so much good music … but Out of Control by Chemical Brothers would be one of them.

What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighbourhood or town?

When I started and I had all the strength and illusion in the world, when everything was more exclusive and you lived things more intensely, I have many good memories of that time.

Thank you.

Thank you very much and see you soon!

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