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Explore Satori's journey through music and cultures in his interview.

Satori talks about collaborating with Turkish pop star Yalin on single “AVCI”

Satori’s deep connection to Turkey, its rich cultural tapestry, and his evolving musical journey come together in this unique fusion of electronic and Turkish pop music. From the influence of Turkish funk in the 70s to the seamless collaboration with Yalin, Satori opens up about the evolution of his sound, recording preferences, and the deliberate choice to blend electronic instruments with Turkish elements. As “Avcı” takes shape, the interview explores how Satori’s global experiences and Ibiza residencies have shaped the track, making it a reflection of his expansive musical journey. 

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In an exclusive interview, electronic maestro Satori delves into the inspiration and creative process behind his latest collaboration, “Avcı,” with Turkish pop sensation Yalin. Check it out below.

Given your deep connection to Turkey and the cultural richness it offers, how did these elements specifically inspire the creation of “Avcı”?

I’ve always loved Turkish music, especially the funk that was created there in the 70s. Besides this, I always have been influenced by the more oriental sounds and they always find a way into my music.

How did your collaboration with Yalin influence the creative process and sound of “Avcı,” especially considering the fusion of electronic and Turkish pop music?

To be honest, the blend felt so natural to me. I’ve been a big fan of Yalin for a long time and I always felt our worlds could fuse perfectly. I feel like this track captures the essence of both our sounds.

Your music has evolved significantly over your career, moving from club music to a more nuanced sound that incorporates Balkan and Eastern European influences​​. How has this evolution shaped the way you approached the creation of “Avcı”?

My music has always been influenced by other cultures. The tempo might be different over time but my inspiration stays the same, it’s different cultures that make me create. I have been lucky in the last years to not only have to use samples but to record new music with these legends, and Yalin is for me the greatest so far.

You’ve expressed a preference for recording in real, authentic spaces over using software and filters​​. How did this approach influence the sound and texture of “Avcı”?

The PIano is a VST and the Synths are VST, so what I did is that I re-amped them in my room and recorded my speakeres with a mic to give that sense of realness to the piano and Synths. Although I wanted to keep it very electronic it was important to let the sound bridge to Yalin’s voice. So I needed a sense of realness to the electronic instruments.

You often integrate elements from various cultures into your music​​. In “Avcı,” how did you blend Turkish elements with your signature style to create a unique sound?

In this case, I did the opposite and that was to use more electronic instruments instead of using Turkish traditional instruments. At the beginning of the project, when the track was in an early stage, I had some Turkish percussion elements in the song. If you combine that with Yalin´s voice it becomes a bit too ´obvious´. Very early in the process, I realized that I needed to do the opposite because Yalin was already bringing Turkish magic to the song. I didn’t need to amplify that by adding more Turkish instruments. By using electronic and more Western harmonics, Yalin can bloom even more, because it creates contrast.

Your travels and residencies, such as in Ibiza, have influenced your music. How have these experiences informed the creation of “Avcı,” and do you see the track as a reflection of your global musical journey?

I believe all of my music is, and all my performances are as well. I have the luxury of being able to include all these different styles and cultures into one. This is also my challenge, but it feels natural to me and it’s the way I feel most comfortable expressing myself.

Given your experience in adapting your performances based on location​​, how do you envision “Avcı” resonating with audiences both within and outside of Turkey?

Well, I’m really curious about this and also a bit nervous, Turkey is one of my favourite countries, not only for performing but I love spending time there. So I hope this track will translate the love I have for it, and I hope the Turkish people appreciate our collaboration.

Thank you.

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