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Seed Selector

Seed Selector touched by diversified Brazilian culture

Just like his country’s culture, the Brazilian Seed Selector presents a sound identity based on diversity and a mixture of references. Without being attached to limiting stylistic lines, the artist transits freely between multiple genres resulting in fluid compositions, free of labels and with a lot of originality.

This mixture of sounds is exactly what we can notice in his newest EP. Entitled “Ingrediente Secreto”, the record marks the artist’s debut on the Me Gusta Records label, and goes from Electro to Indie Dance in just two tracks. As a welcome gift to the label, the EP also includes two remixes by the label’s partners and curators, T_Pazos and Beranger.

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But this is not the only news from Seed. We learned that recently he was present at the last edition of Boiler Room x Heineken, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil. His participation was in doing the warp-up of the night so that the recordings could start at full speed.

To know all the details about the artist’s news, we talked to him. Check out the interview!

Hello, Seed! Thank you for having us today. How has 2022 been so far for you?

This year has been great for my project and artistic development. I was able to achieve many of my goals and some things I couldn’t even imagine. I met clubs, parties, labels, and amazing people, many that I could work together, contributing as much to the project as to myself. However, from everything that happened, what makes me most excited is knowing how many good things are coming this year, but that will only come to the world next year… Stay tuned! 

What makes me most excited is knowing how many good things are coming this year.

Since this is your first time here, tell us a bit about your history with music. How did this interest arise and how was the Seed Selector project born? 

I started going into the world of electronic music in 2013 around the age of 16. From then on my involvement with this universe was a constant growth. Then, in 2017 I started studying music production unpretentiously and in a little less than a year I was already sure that this was what I wanted to do with my life. So I started “planting the seed” of the Seed Selector project, released in October 2019. Now after 3 years, I am happy to say that I have released tracks on some very interesting labels of the national scene, such as Warung Rec, Cocada, Namata and Subliminar.

In addition to the productions I could also perform in emblematic places like D-edge, Caos, Warung and Beehive. Recently I did the warm-up for Boiler Room that took place in SP, which was awesome by the way. The most amazing thing about it all was being able to share the booth with artists that I once paid to see and have always admired their work.

You say that you don’t stick to stylistic barriers and this is something that really shows in your productions. How does your creative process work when it comes to creating a track or a record?

I have always been a diverse person. My interests go beyond one specific thing and I believe this occurs because of the influence of Brazilian culture being something extremely diversified in all senses. I believe that mixing and experimenting allow us infinite possibilities. The last thing I want is to be restricted, so my project strongly brings this broad proposal that fights against musical purism. After all, there is a new “me” every day, I am always evolving! 

My interests go beyond one specific thing and I believe this occurs because of the influence of Brazilian culture being something extremely diversified in all senses.

Speaking of productions, you have just released the EP “Ingrediente Secreto”, by Me Gusta Records. What does this release represent for you? 

This EP represents a more serious and intense side of my productions, with a stricter rhythmic and psychedelic direction. 

Your tracks on the EP received remixes from label partners T_Pazos and Beranger. What was it like to hear the new versions of the songs? Did you like the result? 

I suggested the idea of them remixing the tracks myself. As soon as I heard it for the first time, I had the feeling that it was exactly what I was looking for possible new versions of the tracks. I was extremely pleased and would like to congratulate T_Pazos and Beranger again for their work! 

Besides the EP, another good news is that you were present at the 3rd edition of Boiler Room x Heineken in Brazil, doing a warm-up before the recording of the official video, right? Tell us more about the experience.

It’s hard to put into words how it felt, this whole experience. To be able to see my work reaching so many people in a place and opportunity like this is something incredible. This makes me extremely happy and motivated, I just have to thank everyone who is part of this and believes in the project.

Are there chances to hear this set? Will it be released?

Yessssss! It’s already available on my SoundCloud, I’ll leave the link below. In it, I made a very special track selection, with some of my own tracks and others of national artists that I admire a lot and have as references.

To finish, we want to know if there is anything in the making for the last months of 2022.

Once again, yes! A very hot EP is about to come out on the Sabiá Music label from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Made in collaboration with Art Popper, the Papel EP brings a groove accompanied by more “acid” elements mixed with bird sounds, something very similar to a “paper” (lsd) trip… lol. The release of this EP will be on November 25th, 2022 on the main platforms!

We will also be participating in two more compilations, stay tuned!

Thanks for the interview! 

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