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Shai T

Shai T releases Oriki via Warung Recordings

Considered one of the most important names in Latin America’s electronic scene, Warung Beach Club, or “Temple”, as it has been affectionately nicknamed by its regulars, established its footprint and impeccable curatorship with Warung Recordings. The label has been releasing artists who are the true dream team for a demanding public and tuned to the news.

This time would not be different, Warung Recordings releases directly from Tel Aviv, Shai T and his EP Oriki with a collab worthy of being heard loud and clear between Marcelo Vasami and Hernan Cattaneo, who has performed at the Temple a few times. The label eagerly embraces the sophisticated and progressive beats in each new release, making flow almost by telepathy the intense connection it has with its public. 

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“Oriki” follows the list of a growing to captivating discography that tops the charts in the public’s favor, precisely because of the rising chords that make us float with delicacy and calm before the explosive storm of emotions and colors that is a strong feature of the label’s releases.

Warung Beach Club has been bringing the best of music worldwide to Latin America and to embrace this prestigious release, the club welcomes Shai T who will have the opportunity to connect with Brazil, transporting the audience to all worlds. The event takes place on September 9th, with Innellea, Shai and Stephan Jolk.

Article by Mia Lunis

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