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Simpatiek launches debut EP ‘Imani / Kuimba’ on Tanzgemeinschaft

Our magazine exists for several years now and we have been supporting many young and established talents, all fantastic in their way, from all over the world. We’ve been giving these great artists a platform to express themselves. Hence this blog and our SoundCloud channel that gives the attention they deserve.

Underground music expands with Tanzgemeinschaft as a music label

Our next step was inevitable a logic and organic one as over the years we got so many requests to release music. We’ve received demo after demo, scoured dozens upon dozens of various record pools to find musical and journalistic content for the underground music masses to devour. Now, we can continue to interview artists, review music, cover live music events, as well as bringing relatively unknown music to the forefronts and storefronts. Simply continue to make the unknown known, but also, be a developmental and potentially lucrative platform for the music makers that are signed to Tanzgemeinschaft’s record label.

So as of November, we continue our journey as usual but as well do our own homework and start releasing music from artists we like.

Tanzgemeinschaft will be an underground electronic music label dedicated to shining a global light on great unknown sounds.

The underground digital electronic music magazine Tanzgemeinschaft, as we operate now, will be overseeing the label that will have two offices globally. One European office located in Antwerp and another North American office in Philadelphia, USA.


Our motto and vision still stands and remains to do so:

“Music is our passion. We do not look for just any genre, any music or anyone, we are looking for music and people who create memorable music that inspires and invokes emotion, rather than be disposable chart-topping hits and mixes. It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is and should be the unifying factor here.” – Claudio Capo, founder, Tanzgemeinschaft

Simpatiek debuts with ‘Imani / Kuimba’

On November 5 our first public offering will be coming from the German dynamic duo Simpatiek. They will be releasing their spectacular debut “Imani / Kuimba” with us.

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“Simpatiek is the perfect marriage between driving, melodic, futuristic sound environments and organic instruments that equal a unique, post-modern soundscape. Welcome to electronic, future primitive.” – Hesh Donnerstag, A&R, Tanzgemeinschaft

Pre-order on Beatport: Nov 1
Available on all stores: Nov 5

It matters little whether you are an artist or a visitor, the love for music is the unifying factor.

We are a magazine & record label dedicated to quality underground electronic music. We do not look for just any music or anyone, we are looking for music, and people who create memorable experiences, that inspires and invokes emotion. Let’s create timeless music.