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sinnmusik* Sonar OFF-Week Radio Special (17 & 18/06)

For those of you planning a trip to Barcelona to attend the fantastic and inspiring sonar Festival we have a recommended event for you. Besides the great line-up of the festival itself, day & night, there are countless other events throughout the city. Resident Advisor is a great source. Have a look at their cherry picking long list of label showcases and parties that will take place.

One of the great things that are not on the list is the local label sinnmusik that will host a radioshow during 2 nights. If you are lucky you might make to their secret after-party as well. sinnmusikis know for their great releases of Jamie Trench, Georgi Barrel, Adrian, Jason Pepperell, G.Markus and many more.

We strongly recommend to have a look at the program below as they team up jackmode Berlin for a two day radio special broadcasted LIVE from Metric Market on Barcelona City FM 107.3. It’s a free event, so if you have some space in your tight schedule, make it fit in.

sinnmusik* presents Play It Down Radio

sinnmusik* presents Play It Down Radio


22:00 – 23:00: Play It Down Guest TBA
23:00 – 24:00: ZDS / Zombie Disco Squad
24:00 – 01:00: Jesse Rose
01:00 – 02:00: Adrian (sinnmusik*)
Broadcasted LIVE on Barcelona City FM 107.3

★ Jackmode Presents ★
*secret after show starts at 2 a.m.
Adana Twins All Night Long


sinnmusik* presents Watergate Radio

sinnmusik* presents Watergate Radio


22:00 – 23:30: Matthias Meyer
23:30 – 01:00: Jimi Jules
01:00 – 02:00: Georgi Barrel (sinnmusik*)
Broadcasted LIVE on Barcelona City FM 107.3

★Jackmode Showcase ★
*secret after show starts at 2 a.m.
André Hommen
Florian Kruse
Jesse Rose
ZDS / Zombie Disco Squad


People can join us from 22h-02h at Metric Market or tune in on 107.3FM (, it will be a lush showdown and either way FREE!

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