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Sobek releases his EP Casio Samples on vinyl and digital

Sobek’s Casio Samples. A colourful and overflowing road trip.

If you go on an excursion with the Monaberry crew, you can expect to wake up in a colourful blinking spaceship. Or better, it will certainly be an extraordinary trip into an unknown and exciting world.  And it’s the same with the new vinyl release by Sobek called “Casio Samples”. Four futuristic productions find their home on the black gold, including a nice remix.

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Casio Samples” resembles a colourful and overflowing road trip, the trunk full of 80s references, fresh synths and rousing arrangements. Thus the 64th release on Monaberry convinces with freshness and a sense for a danceable and independent sound.

Tyu’s remix of “Legend From Outer Pace” picks up the power of the original quite well. Even though it gives the whole thing a slightly darker drive, it’s an enchanting new version of the original that has earned a spot on the vinyl without question.

Sobek’s “Casio Samples” are out on Vinyl & Digital.


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