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Tanzgemeinschaft | 21/02/2020

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Monaberry | Tanzgemeinschaft

In conversation with Tantum

07/01/2020 |

Tantum is known as a locally-acting drug with local anaesthetic and analgesic properties for pain relief. And Tantum is also a producer from Karlsruhe (Germany). His music grows of analog-synths, passionate melodies and driving beats. His new EP has just … Read More

In conversation with Viktor Talking Machine

08/11/2019 |

Viktor Talking Machine is a jovial duo hailing from Eastern Germany with a great passion for music and vinyl. Believing that music is an art form and one of the most important things in life. Who are we do disagree? … Read More

Interview: Sobek releases Modest Is Hottest on Monaberry

09/11/2018 |

Sobek’s positive house vibes

The story of the DJ, who named himself after the Egyptian crocodile god, does not fit into any typical scheme. Socialised by Drum’n’Bass in the early 2000s, he continued to move in a variety of styles … Read More

15 Minutes with Hanne & Lore, creators of an unconvential and unique tech house infused sound

19/02/2015 |

This one came in as a nice suprise for us. We had a short talk with Steffen Neuhaus & Stefan Helmke, the German duo that form the great Hanne & Lore. Doing their house thing since years now. Starting their … Read More