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Super Flu's Monaberry serves Herberts Best


We shouldn’t judge by the cover, but there are always exceptions to the rules, aren’t there? Especially when the artwork of the record matches the sweet sound of music. How can hot summer nights last longer and taste sweeter? Monaberry delivers a solution! The label with a reputation as a contemporary club culture leader has a treat for you!

It is ready to hit Planet Earth on August 6. Herberts Best XII is their new four-track release presenting the crème de la crème of contemporary producers.  

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Alex Breitling, Denis Naidanow, Kookmode, Super Flu and Angelov are headliners that need no further introduction for any fan of electronic music. Of course, everybody wants a slice of this dessert, but let’s explain why every ingredient makes the whole package great!

The opening track by Super Flu & Angelov is called Diva Halle. The piece manages the contrast between suggestive hypnotism of the opening part of the track and the euphoric payoff in the middle, making their arrangement simultaneously playful and skilful. The influences of deep house, indie dance, melodic techno, and elements of chiptune digital fusion, with a typical Italo disco bass progression, prove there are absolutely no borders for creativity.

Herberts Best XII is a logical continuation of the label’s catalog with extra sweet ingredients for the audiences with a refined taste.

Next is the Dark Forest by Alex Breitling. Deep and intelligent with a dose of melancholia, this is a musical journey opening the corners of the subconscious mind. By the usage of Piano chords and arpeggio,  Breitling manages to establish an imaginative and timeless creation. Its brilliance is in its appearance of simplicity. However, it takes
countless hours to acquire the mastery required for this kind of work. 

Denis Naidanow channels an elegant and suggestive melody, powered by the slinky rhythm patterns and a laid-back atmosphere. If there were a way to describe summer without words, Prelude would be closest to the real thing. 

Kookmode returns to the basic synthesizer structure and composes an instrumental theme under the influence of the New Wave and even way earlier than the 1980s. However, Good Move isn’t just a reminder of the good old days but pushes the limits into the future where all-time synth classics such as Crockett’s Theme or Telstar wouldn’t even have a chance.

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