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Viktor Talking Machine return to Monaberry

Viktor Talking Machine are back on Monaberry

The epidemic of the century has left us all holding our breath in 2020. How it will continue next year, we all don’t really know yet. It is therefore all the more important to keep ourselves cheerful with positive vibes. The new track by Viktor Talking Machine, which was released on Herbert’s Best on Monaberry, once again puts a smile on our faces.

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An exuberant melody, which could also come from a Wes Anderson movie, drives the track forward step by step. A heartwarming 80s beat bubbles imaginatively in the basement of the groove framework. Added to this is a hypnotic synth that carries you away and gently massages your brain.

The track Lars appears alongside other productions by Super Flu, and Doran Craft on the Various Artist release Herberts Best X.

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