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Sofian & Jule

Sofian & Jule drop an explosive Mythos

Mythos is a dense and dark groove.

This German duo, Sofian & Jule, dropped a driving and explosive release on Frankyeffe’s Riot Recordings. ‘Mythos’ is their debut on the label and it’s an EP that counts. Inspired by Greek mythology, the 3 tracks are massive intense dark techno jams with a melodic edge.

‘Mythos’ opens with a monster called ‘Medusa’, oscillating like stormy ocean waves taking you from high to low, this is a dense & dark groove. A fierce sound to take in!

Our favourite track on this EP is ‘Hades’, named after the God of the underground. An energy boost with a deep bass and menacing rhythm. This track is a brooding stomper. God of Titans, ‘Kronos’, pushes forward yet with a more melodic approach and a bit more drama. Uplifting and ready to explode during peak-time moments.

Grab your copy on Beatport while it’s fresh.

Catch them live sometime as their sets are characterized by a driving tech house and techno, with subliminal sounds and attention to detail. All with the crowd in mind in order to get them moving!

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