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Mattia Pompeo

Step into the world of Mattia Pompeo

Meeting Mattia Pompeo at Amsterdam Dance Event

Last October we attended a fantastic event During Amsterdam Dance event. The event ‘Selador vs Sincopat‘, two of the greatest underground record labels, joined forces in the beautiful Club NL, to host an event that latest for twelve hours. Both imprints together gathered twelve DJ’s to play for one hour each. Line-up was fantastic: Dave Seaman, AFFKT, D-Nox, Pete Oak, Steve Parry, David Granha, Third Son, Audio Junkies, Habischman, Mattia Pompeo, Jaap Ligthart & Mike Ravelli.

We were there to see David Granha play as we had him over to play at our 3y celebration party last September. Via David we got to meet Mattia Pompeo. Great jovial guy, always happy. Very nice to meet this enthusiastic talent.

Recently we got in touch again, discussing events in the coming year and during our talk we ask him to do an interview which he gladly accepted. Below you can read Mattia’s story.

Sincopat drops a regular podcast by the artists on the roster. Here’s Mattia Pompeo’s latest mix which yo can enjoy while reading.

Mattia Pompeo’s world

Mattia Pompeo
Mattia Pompeo, DJ, producer and A&R manager at Sincopat.

Hey Mattia, it was a pleasure meeting you during Amsterdam Dance Event. How are things nowadays?
Hey Claudio! was my pleasure! I’m good thanks, working hard every day.

Thank you for the interview. Let’s talk about your music. From the beginning you are affected with music: classical music, blues, rock. You learned how to play the guitar, bass and piano. You must be very passionate. Where does your interest in music come from?
Music has been in my life since always. Thanks to my parents who suggested me to learn music, I discovered this new world and now I can’t live without it. About six years ago, I came across electronic music and it was “love at first sight”. Since then I decided that it had to be my life and my work.

Reading all this, tell us about your influences.
At the beginning all my influences were from groups like Muse, Jamiroquai or Arctic Monkey. At the moment I like so much artists like Laurent Garnier, Gui Boratto and of course my brother AFFKT.

How do you define your music, your sound?
I just can”t lock my sound in just one specific genre. To me this is something very personal. If I had to choose I would define my music as Tech House with melodic touches, or Progressive House.

Any rituals we should know of when composing/producing music?
Nothing special. When I sit in my studio I love to experimenting with new sounds and feelings. Sometimes I start with groove or sometimes with
the melody — it depends on the day! 🙂

You were born in Italy but you moved to Spain, Valencia to be precise, to work as an A&R for the sublime Sincopat imprint. Why did you decide to move to Spain?
I decided to move to Spain a few years ago and now I”m very glad I did so. Valencia is a gorgeous city and it made me meet new people and new experiences that got me closer to the Electronic music world. Spain for me is one of the best places for this type of music and it’s also where
many other artists in the business live.

Let’s have some words about Sincopat. How do you end up with them?
Well, it’s an interesting story. I went to Ibiza on holidays looking for some days of music and relax. I had already exchanged some emails with Affkt but we had never met in person. We happened to be in the island at the same time. So, I went to a party where he was playing and that’s how out friendship started. Then, step by step, I started getting more involved with Sincopat and more involved with the label’s world,
and the moment we realize, I was already part of the Sincopat family. I was very interested on the kind of music that Sincopat was looking for
and felt very identified by the artists they had, and the whole feeling inside Sincopat just welcomes you to be part of it!

To us you are one of the great underground labels around. How does it feel to be somehow a leader in dropping all these nice tracks from great artists like AFFKT, Dave Seaman, Darlyn Vlys, yourself of course and many others?
Working day by day with such artists makes you grow as an artist yourself. You learn from them and you see every day how their minds and their music work, and you end up learning a bit from each from them, as an artist and also as a person.

Tell us about your role at Sincopat? How does the daily routine of Mattia Pompeo look like?
I am the person in charge of the income demos and the one directing the first step of the processes of selection for new music. I try to contact
with artists that we like and that we know would match the identity of Sincopat. The job of course also includes being updated with the latest releases of other labels, what’s on the clubs and what’s new around you. And I do all this while working on my own music! ☺

Want to tell us something about your selection process? How does one sign with Sincopat?
We’re looking for that something that makes it special, so be special!

Besides the great track you just released with Just her on the Constant Circles – Spirals compilation, what else is coming?
I’ve just released a remix for Affkt’s album “Son Of A Thousand Sounds“. For me it was a very special thing to make a remix for him. I admire him a lot, not only for his work but also for his personality. For next year I have also in schedule one EP on EIN2 (Einmusika sub label) with a special remix of my friend Beatamines and some more new projects I just can’t talk about yet.

Great! Maybe answer the question below to get an idea about you as a person.
I like sugar in my coffee. But, just a little bit … espresso coffee of course!
I am a morning person. Yes I am! I like working in the night but I’m a morning person!
My favorite pop artists is … Jason Mraz
If I would support a good cause it would be … Climate Change

Cheers man!
Thank you very much for your time

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