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Super Flu released a remix for Mollono.Bass

Super Flu dropping new remix for Mollono.Bass

As we all know, we should not really grow up – because it is a trap! Rather, one should keep the inner child and remain open to new things. There are probably no artists who have retained this inner child as much as Super Flu.

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Their natural curiosity to keep exploring new possibilities in the studio and to keep producing captivating productions out of a never-ending creativity makes them probably one of the most exciting acts worldwide.

The two German-born artists have already played in the hottest clubs and festivals on every continent. Their musical output can be found in the charts and record bags of the international scene. What is special about their productions is not only the distinctive sound and typical character, but above all a timeless elegance.

Listening to a track by Super Flu is a bit like falling in love when it’s brand new. The heartbeat accelerates, the palms of the hands become real sweaty and a wonderful feeling spreads calm through the stomach. The same goes for their rare but all the more beautiful remixes.

The two have just released a remix for Mollono.Bass on 3000 Grad. The original track “No Silence feat. Kuoko” is already a very special piece of work and sounded in every Bluetooth player in the summer. The version neatly stripped down by Super Flu and reassembled with typical ingredients goes one step further. The remix is like an odyssey into the groove universe. Wonderfully playful and yet driving at the same time.

The remix package “Woods, Tales & Friends” also includes another remix by 3000 Grad family member Stephan Zovsky. Also melodic and a thrilling club tune at its best.

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