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TGMS Future Stars #16: Avalon

Here we go with our 16th edition in our Future Stars series. This one comes from the Paris-based artist called Avalon. Together with her brother, she forms the collective, Darkko.

They focus on the combination of art and electronic music where the brother is an artist, graphic designer and producer. Avalon takes care of the mixing part. Mostly deep & progressive techno.

Where are you from?
Avalon is a French DJ from Paris and is part of a collective & artistic project named DARKKO.

What do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
Paris offers a tremendous and continuous source of inspiration for people who are into arts and creation. I’m always very interested in the artistic and cultural life of the city and also try to go out and listen to my favourite DJs when possible (Kölsch, Jeremy Olander, Âme, Sash …).

Could you tell us a bit about your music background?
I used to play electric guitar in a band and was influenced by the UK new wave and rock scene of the nineties when I got progressively captivated by the new rave and techno sounds that began to spread everywhere at that time.

When did you start DJing/producing?
I really start mixing in 2014 when my brother and I created the artistic project DARKKO, as, for us, it was clear that electronic music and art were closely linked together. My brother, artist and graphic designer also produced electronic music whereas I am mainly focused on mixes (deep techno/progressive/techno).

What or who are your passions and influences?
I like a dark ambience and atmosphere in art, cinema, photography. I am also passionate about the future, IA, electronic arts and science fiction books and movies. My artists’ name is a reference to the very stylized movie Avalon directed by Mamoru Oshii with a dark, futuristic and cyberpunk atmosphere.

What can we expect from the mix you made?
Those dark and arty influences nourish my selection of tracks when preparing a mix. I am pretty cerebral and enjoy really this preparation and selection part of the Djing. I always try to go from dark to light/happiness in the progression of the selection. This is probably why this mix ends up with the laughter of children!

What will the (near) future hold for you? Any big upcoming news?
In the near future I will continue the cooperation with Darkko and organize joint events as electronic music and arts are meant together. 😊

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