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claudio polizzotto

TGMS Future Stars #17: Claudio Polizzotto

Next edition in our TGMS Future Stars series comes from Italian talent Claudio Polizzotto.

He started not so long ago with his musical career but what has age got to do with it. There is no limit! With influences from hardcore to techno, is working hard to create his own sound ranging from techno to deep house.

This mix is heavily house-infused and surely is going to make you dance. Enjoy!

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Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
Hi everybody, I’m Claudio Polizzotto from Italy, my inspiration are my friends as they give me support and keep believing in me every time I play in the clubs in and around my city.

When did you start DJing/producing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?
As a child, I was fascinated by electronic music so much so that I loved to differentiate myself from my friends music-wise. Even so by forcing friends them to listen to the same genres as I did. At a much older age, I started organizing private parties with friends but over the years this group has dissolved and I have continued my career alone.

As a producer, I started out only recently. My first EP was released in 2016 by Bach Music Records.

When I was about 10 years old I was fascinated by hardcore music. Making me buy the entire collection of “Thunderdome” and then moving to techno afterwards. Listening to artists like Scooter, Marusha, Mike van Dyke, Laurent Garnier and other big names of that moment.

What can we expect from the mix you made?
In this mix, I want to give you another side of me. The good one, since I spoke before techno and hardcore. I want to convey good music, the one that makes you feel good. The kind of music that makes you feel good with friends with a drink in hand, the music that makes you want to drive the car with the windows open.

What is your absolute favourite track of the moment?
I play two different genres, techno and deep house. So I have 2 favourite tracks:
Studioheist – 40 Steps (original mix)
Amelie Lens – Winter (original mix)

For people who want to visit your town/city, what would be 3 things that you would suggest to do or see?
Italy is beautiful in everything. But if I have to choose 3 things, then surely these. Where I live in Teramo you have the 3 most beautiful things: the sea, the mountains and the fun in the evenings! Nothing is missing.

In three words, describe the local scene. What are some cool parties/clubs to check out?
People, fun, good music.

Every place and circumstance is ideal for a party. From the smallest club to the biggest event, provided that you have a good response from the public by proposing your own music. So you have to try any experience.

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