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Rodaq brings a sublime Future Stars guestmix

TGMS Future Stars #26: Rodaq

From Asia with love: Rodaq

From the deep and wicked roots of the true Berlin club landscape, the now Asia-based underground music advocate Rodaq has put his mark on the map. The delivery of a hypnotic and twisted, yet energizing tech session has been the acoustic vision of the German-born DJ since his first days. From the vinyl aeon to the digital revolution, there are no boundaries.

Rodaq’s journey has encompassed a formative electronic exhibition where the early hedonistic days of Love Parade, Tresor, Ostgut, Berghain, Panorama Bar and Bar 25 cemented his passion for only the best in techno and deeper house. Now with South-East Asia at his fingertips, Rodaq shares his passion across an appreciative re-emerging techno sub-culture in this region and beyond with regular shows in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Indonesia and many more.

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Q&A with Rodaq

Where are you from?
I grew up in Belgium, lived in Berlin for a long time and am now living in Singapore

What do you find inspirational about where you are living?
Singapore is quite a special place – not exactly the dream destination for fans of electronic music due to its restrictions and sterility. However, over the past 2 years, there has been a steady and nice new sprout of techno emerging with promotors like Blackout Agency setting up really cool underground parties with excellent international acts and even full programmed clubs like Headquarters by The Council and Kilo Lounge are adding the long overdue spice to the local nightlife. At times it feels like Berlin and I can finally feel a bit more home again!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
I always go with the flow. Planning has never been a recipe for success for me. I’m currently really enjoying the region that I live in with countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia offering not only great options for beach getaways but also excellent nightlife and clubs to play at as well. I’m nicely connected here and enjoy going to Europe for a holiday where I spend as much time as possible every summer to meet friends and family and soak up the continental vibe – especially in Berlin.

How would you describe your sound and style?
Colourful, twisted and energetic. I love music that surprises and brings a level of warmth and naughtiness to my mixes that excites the audience I play for and gets them into a comfortable sphere where they can enjoy the journey to their individual interpretation. I’m not exactly a conformist and don’t shy away from playing nice tracks that other DJs might not consider sufficiently ‘nderground’. If it works, fits the moment and gets the crowd excited – it’s on the decks. As I have quite a long-standing relationship with electronic music I also always incorporate a lot of ‘older’ tracks – like more than 10 years old.

What can we expect from your mix?
For this mix, I thought I’d tone it down a bit by reducing the speed. The entire mix at around 112-114 BPM and I love how some tracks develop a completely new sound profile like this with frequencies getting warmer and deeper and the groove changes into a completely altered sphere too. A slow, deep and trippy journey – perfect for that tipsy Sunday morning. Hope you enjoy!

What is your absolute favourite track of the moment?
TRU. – Trachyt (Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder Remix)

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