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TGMS Future Stars #27: Volar

Funky awesomeness by Volar

Volar is a new Amsterdam based musical collaboration between Hans Léautaud and Patrick Linthorst. Despite Patrick and Hans’ widely different musical backgrounds, they managed to combine forces because of their indomitable love for underground music and by complementing each other’s talents. Drawing their inspiration from the Amsterdam club scene and their diversity results into melodic and lush sets by combining house, techno and nu disco.

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Volar in a few questions

Where are you from?
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

What do you find inspirational about where you are living?
Amsterdam is at the moment one of the most vibrant places when it comes to electronic dance music. With famous clubs like De School, Shelter and De Marktkantine, the biggest dance event in the world (ADE) and killer line-ups every weekend, it is hard to not get inspired. It’s this music scene that brought us together as a duo and gives us new impulses and ideas for new projects.

How did the collaboration between the two of come together and how do you manage to keep peace about your creative processes?
We met as colleagues at an internet agency in Amsterdam but our friendship really began when we were both passionate about running and we started running together. Later we started going to parties, discovering and playing music. Our musical backgrounds in rock and hiphop help us to keep our own style and compliment each other. It goes very natural overall without too many fights. In the occasion that we don’t see eye to eye, it’s simple: we both love it or we don’t play it.

How would you describe your sound and style?
We usually play nu-disco, house and techno. Our style and preference is a combination of compelling, lush, melodic and deep sounds. Not necessarily in that order. We try to make it complex enough to keep the audience attention while remaining danceable. We are not afraid to just play whatever we like and what feels good in the moment.

What can we expect from your mix?
The mix is composed out of our favorite tracks and styles of the moment. It starts out melodic and summerly with some afro-house and nu-disco with a high level of energy. The first peak kicks in early with “Can’t Go Back (OC & Verde Dub)” after which the mix submerges and descends gradually with every track while remaining melodic. Dreamy but vivacious. We finish off with the dreamy and melancholic “You Stopped Dying” by Pale Blue.

What is your absolute favourite track of the moment?
This is a difficult question, but after due consideration, we must admit that our favorite artist of the moment is definitely Tunnelvisions. This amazing Dutch duo manages to pack all of their releases with solely amazing tunes. Out of these gems, “Mbosa’s Light” stands out as our favorite track at the moment. We included it in the mix too.

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