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Deep Elementz

TGMS Future Stars #35: Deep Elementz

If I had to describe Deep Elementz … well, his name speaks for itself I guess. Deep Elementz captivates you with his magical radiance. If you have the pleasure to talk with him, you’ll know what I mean. Raised in Newark New Jersey, where he grew up with all kind of musical genres, he lives now very humble in a little city in New Jersey called Paterson surrounded by the beauty of nature. This love for nature, the mental peace and relaxation he finds there, gives Deep Elementz the inspiration for his Productions / Releases and Mixes.

His passion is to create music. His gift is to immerse his listeners in the depth of his creativity. He surprises his listeners with unique song selections, be it in a live set or in one of his infinite many releases. Modesty in any form is what characterizes him, inner peace and serenity are his virtues.

He spends hours looking for rare underground dance tracks from all over the world and mixing them into a set. Each set is unique as he captivates crowds on the dancefloor, or those just listening to his mixes.

Deep Elementz own’s the Labels “Night Scope Deep Recordings / Night Scope Deep Exclusive Traxx and Gyroscopic Records INC. There you can find his releases. New in his agenda is his own merchandise “Underground Rebelz”
His passion is to stay in the underground and keep the original sounds of underground dance music alive at it’s finest.

So here you go with the guest mix he made for Tanzgemeinschaft. Don’t forget to check out the Q&A below.

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Tell us a bit about your music background?
I started out playing instruments when I was about 10 years old. I always had this ear for different kinds of sounds, my first instrument was the clarinet. Playing it was the most beautiful sound I ever heard, but my most prized instrument was the turntable. I call it an instrument because It unleashed sounds of different textures from one groove. Then I fell in love with keyboards at age 16, learning chords by ear and hearing sounds through colours and pictures. Some would say to me how can you get a specific sound from a colour or picture? I would just say it’s a spiritual gift only understood by those that obtain it.

Did you grow up in a musical environment or did you arrive at your musical passion on your own?
My mother and father were very musical inclined people and my oldest brother was deeply into music of all kinds. When I was 5 years old I would sit in the living room and listen to various different songs my brother would play.

He would play from disco to funk, pop, rock, R&B and jazz symphony tunes. My father had his own band and his strength was the keyboards. I guess that’s where I inherited that dynamic gift. I was never taught how to play on boards I just had an ear for them and it flowed naturally. My favourite boards are the Korg Triton and the Yamaha DX series, but now being that I have upgraded to a full digital analog studio I now use two M-Audio keystudio boards patched into the boards I enjoyed but now only in plugin format which is more convenient for me.

In general, what characterize your music style?
Well, I can say from the vast history of sounds and songs I’ve heard throughout my life, I’ve created a unique style in making music that has a message and a groove, which I have stated about my brother and his collection. My software of choice is FL studio and the reason for that is I like the classical MPC interface where I can build my tracks from scratch especially when it comes to the rhythm sections of my songs. Some people may look at FL as a low-grade software but they have no idea of the power it holds once you understand it’s dynamics. Reasons software is my re-wire patch for FL Studio giving me the complete punch added to bring my tracks to life in analog. All I can say with this setup is that it works for me…

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
I’ve always been told by artists and even producers that my productions and live DJ mixes are unique and carry that deep-rooted underground sound. I’ve always been that type of DJ/Producer to look for music that no one else knows about or would even dare to play in a live audience. My influence on others in the industry has given them a different approach to new sounds and tracks as well as seeing life from a whole new perspective. DJing and Producing has changed my way of seeing the world and has humbled me in various ways, from the music that which I play and my productions give joy to all those it touches, leaving a mark of a positive life in dancing and expression.

Who were some of the first DJs you ever saw that made you want to do it yourself?
I remember growing up in Newark, New Jersey my birth Home and the home of the Legendary Tony Humphries of the most popular club (The Zanzabar) I would listen to the Friday and Saturday night dance parties on WBLS and Kiss FM. Those DJs were Timmy Regisford, Merlin Bob, Tony Humphries and Naeem Johnson, and the afternoon midday mixes were put down by Boby Konders, Marly Marl and John Robinson. These were the first DJs I heard and saw that have inspired me to start playing and expand beyond, from the age of 12 I started mixing records and mastering the art of blends, pitch control of grooves and understanding how records combined communicate with one another sending that frequency to the crowd.

What have you got planned for the year ahead?
For me, I wouldn’t say a plan but call it a mission. I have a mission and a goal to fulfil, to spread this unique artform I have created and prepared to unleash to the underground dance community abroad. I’ve waited for this opportunity to see the dancers vibing to a groove that carries freedom of mind and spirit. I am now ready to take it on with a bang!!

Any new music or collaborations we should know about?
I have new releases coming out almost every month on my record labels which are Night Scope Deep Recordings, Night Scope Deep Exclusive Traxx and Gyroscopic Record collaborations are collaborations with many of the producers on my labels, we work very closely as a family. I’ve done collaborations on other labels such as 4Th Quarter Music-UK, Lady Mary Sound-Italy, Sound Black Recordings-Germany, Kasijams Records-SA, Modern Revival-Germany and Audio Out-SA. For the dance music community, be prepared. More new releases from me are on the way in the coming months ahead, so stay connected and keep watching …..


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