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TGMS Future Stars #40: Simpatiek

Here we go with 2 young talents from Ravensburg, Germany. Down-to-earth with a can-do mentality, just the way we like it. Meet Simpatiek. They made us a stunning guest mix for our TGMS Future Stars series.

We took the time to sit down and ask them some questions as well. Enjoy their music and teh read.

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Hey guys, how is it going?
Hi Claudio, we are sitting in the studio right now, so we are doing very well, thanks for having us.

Maybe tell us who is who and how you guys met?
We are Sascha and Alex. Living in the south of Germany. We met each other at the university.

How did you fall down the music rabbit hole? How did it all start for you?
Sascha: I started learning to play the saxophone in my younger years. I was about eight years old when I played my first tunes. It brought me straight to this whole Jazz improvisation thing which I still really love today. It helps me a lot in being creative and creating melodies. I used to play in a blues band and a jazz combo, while I started to listen to electronic music. I wanted these “two worlds” to merge into an own sound. Those were the days when I bought my first mics, keyboards, synths and all those things to create my first tracks.

Alex: First I was going to a lot of rock and metal concerts. I don’t know why but after some years of attending those concerts I wanted something “new”. Started to go to some local clubs with friends. We visited a friend in Berlin and I got really hooked to Deep House (was about 8 years ago). And after this, I wanted to know how this deejay-thing worked. Next thing you might guess …. so it started for me.

Then as we said, we met us at the university. Alex had a small party series with some friends and asked me, Sascha, if I was interested in a live set with Deep House and Saxophone. It went very well but after some time this kind of music became very popular and we got bored by it so we ended this project.

How would you describe your sound and style?
We try to combine two different styles of music. The first one is electronic music with a 4 to 4 beat, the arrangement and the synthesizer. The other one is “classic” music with organic sounds like piano, cajun, drums, shaker and so on – which we all record live in our studio. It’s important for us that each of our tracks comes with a certain mood and an expressional melody.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
We are influenced by a lot of artists and musicians, but especially the percussive sound of the label Keinemusik is very inspiring.

The melodies from Tim Engelhardt hook us every time. Andhim is in our favorite list as well, because they have an outstanding signature sound. When you hear a track from them, you know it’s an Andhim track. Also they play such amazing DJ-sets and influence us a lot with their “superhouse style”.

For our dance moves behind the decks we learn a lot from Salvatore Ganacci ;).

What is one thing that would make your musical career more successful? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Maybe move to a bigger city, but this is no option for us, because we love our life over here. Hard to tell where we are in five years from now. We have no plans for our musical “career” to be honest. We just want to have fun in the studio and when the people dance to our music it’s the best reward we can get.

How much do you use social media to stay in contact with your fans? Is the Internet important for you?
To be honest we don’t use social media a lot, we just post some parties where we are playing or some snippets from the studio. Soundcloud is our main platform, we share there our sets, listen to a lot of other sets and repost them.

If you could change one thing about the music industry – what would you choose and why?
This goes hand in hand with the answer to the “social media” question. We would like to change, that the people are listing more the music itself and let it speak not the artist with 100k followers. There are so many good artists out there but they are overseen, because the electronic music scene is so big right now. So you have to be on so much channels and promote yourself – and that is what we would like to change – let the music speak for itself and be open minded! <3

What exciting news do you have in the works for the coming months?
We are finishing some new tracks and searching for labels right now. Furthermore we are planning to do a party series with some other deejays from our region at some secrets places. The fall is coming so we are going to play in the clubs again – very excited to play our new tracks there!

More about Simpatiek can be found on our website. Check it out »

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