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The Chase

TGMS Future Stars #46: The Chase

Up next in our TGMS Future Stars series is Italian duo The Chase. Formed in 2017, they are focussing on house and deep house music, often mixed with hip-hop elements. Along with their live dates around Milan, in one year, they reached the stage of different local festivals and their sets has already been transmitted on Pioneer Dj Radio, Cafe Mambo Radio, Datatransmission and other great platforms. Now they are here on Tanzgemeinschaft with a mix. So, enjoy the groove and short interview below.

The future will hold a first release and some remixes for huge artists. Stay tuned.

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The Case

You guys are based in Milan. How is the nightlife scene over there?
Milan is well known as one of the most important cities of fashion, tourism and luxury. If you know it deeply enough, you can discover a huge underground culture linked to different music styles and genres like house music, techno, rap and hip-hop. Underground culture finds their higher acceptance in the suburbs, and that’s where we come from.

Tell us about what makes that place special for you?
We love this place, especially for the above reason. The strong contrast between this two opposite worlds increases the expectation of every new proposal in the clubs. And that’s where we came in. It’s good to know that there is enough space for different kind of genres and that. As an artist you can find spaces to express yourself and your musical taste, sharing it without imposition or limits. We feel lucky for this.

What have been the main influences that got you started with electronic music?
We have different musical backgrounds. Andrea started from old-school hip-hop and got into electronic and house music in 2009, this helped us to fuse the two genres. Alessandro comes from 80’s where the pop scene was strong enough to contaminate the mind of a young child for the rest of his life. Spandau Ballet, Simon and Garfunkel to name a few. How does it influence our style? Who knows, it might not be directly connected. Or maybe yes.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
It’s difficult not to make the mistake to copy your favourite artist. During a mix, we try to consider them in the same way as reference tracks. We want to stay in that mood, but at the end of the mix, we need to be totally different. And about this, we have an idea and surely have our own path to follow. We didn’t invent anything new, but in our mood, we need to be a breath of fresh air compared to the rest.

Our musical experience is something we try to take into our music style, with one main rule: try to be us and not the worst copy of someone else. At least it would be good also to be the worst copy of us. Obviously, our lifestyle is absolutely interconnected to this. Where? In the way we dress, the books we read, the movies we love, the food we eat. You can talk to us about life in general and you could guess in a few minutes what our musical taste is.

How would you describe your sound and style?
A pop or hip-hop voice and a groove or deep background track. That’s what we love. It can be rap, it can be funk, it can be just pop, but that’s what we propose during our sets and live shows. Our musical background obviously influenced our style and we noticed that it happened mainly in the chords and in the bass line part of a track. We will reach the point when, with just one word, we will be able to describe our own style. hearing that word will immediately remind you of us. It will be the moment when we will seriously start to make music.

What is one thing or more things that would make your musical career more successful?
Success is an abstract concept and a relative point of view. We will feel successful when you will write “the” on Google and it will complete the phrase with “Chase”. The main point about now is to be able to reach a larger audience our sound.

We will feel successful when you will write “the” on Google and it will complete the phrase with “Chase”.

What does is the near future holding for you?
In the near future, we’re going to release our mashups as we’re doing for some months. That’s where we decided to start. There is a good fusion between hip-hop and house music and this mix is more underlined respect other production we listened on the web. We need to do it because it helps us to grow our audience. People are more attracted by a big name. In the meantime, we’re working on some remixes and on a couple of unpublished tracks. We already planned some live sets around Milan and a festival for next summer.


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