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TGMS Future Stars #47: Kästchen

DJ, Producer and electronic music enthusiast Kästchen comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Self-taught, ambitious, driven by love for the genre he started creating his own vision of Techno music. First debut EP Kästchen released only a year ago on Sopik’s Black Drop label. Moving forward he went on releasing for Future Techno and Triple Shot Records, where he is an official label artist.

As a DJ he established himself playing in local clubs and festivals alongside some of the best artists on the scene like Steve Shaden, Darmec, Julian Jeweil, Paula Cazenave etc. His tracks and sets give you a real, dark, driven and banging Techno sound. Kästchen loves to take the crowd on an unforgettable journey through time by merging modern Techno tracks with Iconic old school acid-laced grooves.

We welcome Kästchen in our TGMS Future Stars series with a stunning guest mix. Enjoy.

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Where are you based and how is the nightlife scene over there?
I’m currently based in my hometown of Lukavac, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s a pretty small town so we don’t have much of a nightlife over here, although there are occasional parties here and there. But the scene is growing.

Tell us about what makes that place special for you?
I’m a very nostalgic person, grew up here so all my childhood friends and my family is here, which makes it all that more special, really love the sense of connection here since it’s a small town.

What have been the main influences that got you started with electronic music?
I think that in order to be a great artist you have to love all genres of music. I grew up listening RnB, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and an occasional Trance, but the first time I heard that Techno kick I fell in love. It was Len Faki’s “Stranger to Stability” remix that got me inspired to go on and start my own journey.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
I always like the most basic tracks, in my opinion, less is more. I’m really glad to see people now realizing that. Artists who really shaped my sound would be most definitely Len Faki, Amelie Lens, Farrago, Kobosil etc.

How would you describe your sound and style?
Of course, music changes as you evolve, but so far it has been hard, dark, punchy and acid-laced. Nowadays with sample packs and DAW templates, it’s easy for tracks to blend and sound the same, which can get a bit boring, to be honest. I create every single sound by hand, trying to use as little elements as possible but still maintain that “wow” factor of hard-hitting “stripped down” Techno.

What is one thing or more things that would make your musical career more successful?
Given that the scene here is still small I think that I would have a lot more opportunities to grow as an artist somewhere abroad. Management is really important as well, you simply can not book as many gigs by your self.
I’m really happy with where I am right now and I think that those things will come as I gain more and more momentum and exposure.

What does is the near future holding for you?
Usually, my tracks are created at the moment and very dependent on my emotions. This October I had two releases that are very special and close to my heart. My debut EP “Damaged Mind” on I Am Nomad, and “Nostalgia” EP on Triple Shot Records. In the future, I am really happy that I will be releasing for Irregular Synth’s Dirty Minds, as well as Sopik’s Finder Records. I also have something for 2019 too with Pure Dope Digital, and many more to come.

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