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Christian Seance

TGMS Future Stars #49: Christian Seance

Up next in our TGMS Future Stars series comes Gothenburg & Berlin-based Christian Seance. Christian drops us a Halloween themed guest mix, fitting in different house styles based upon a distinct bass line. See it as several tracks with ghostly sounds, a dark poem and a witch laugh. 😉

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01. Helms – This Is
02. KMLN – Tremor
03. Nick Olivetti – Foolishness
04. Francesca Lombardo – On The Ssshhhhiiiiide
05. BlackSheepz – Body Move
06. Oliver Housier – German Bold Italyc
07. Metodi Hristov & Spencer K – Basic Tricks
08. Serge Devant – White Groove
09. Andre Gazolla & eCost – Dirty Poetry
10. Franky Wah – Sakona
11. Proper Villains – Yeah
12. Unders, Ravelli, Noraj Cue, Seth Schwarz, Britta Arnold – Collecting Stories
13. Florian Kruse & Raphael Hofman – Korvatunturi
14. Thrilogy – All She Said Was Love

8 questions for Christian Seance

Where are you from and what do you find inspirational about where you’re living?
First of all, thank you for supporting my recent sets on Soundcloud and now this means a lot!

My first home is Gothenburg, Sweden and it’s cosy, lots of cool people doing great things there. But the 7 month-long rainy winters and that it feels really small sometimes makes the escape from it inspirational too, so I’ve adopted Berlin as my second home. There’s an electricity in the air, just going for a walk is an adventure for me here.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
It started by playing a lot of Nintendo video games and hearing those repeated loops. In my teen years, I found music software and abruptly stopped playing games and spent that time on music instead. Produced melodic techno and trance, and it was great fun for years. When I was twenty-something I switched completely to hosting parties and DJing instead, on the side of studies and daytime job.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
In art, I’ve always preferred surrealism the most, from artists such as Dali, Escher and David Lynch. In music, there are just too many to mention, but Boards of Canada are the coolest producers for me, and Beach House are my top song and text-writers. When it comes to DJs, almost all of my favourites play regularity at Kater Blau in Berlin.

Describe some of the feelings you have when you are behind the decks.
Often a feeling of flow, losing track of time, connecting with people and then during most sets there are 2-3 moments when it gets tricky to decide the path forward, this can feel anywhere from exciting to a near death experience.

What excites you the most as a DJ/producer?
It’s super exciting to organise my collection and prepare for different settings and situations and then see how these ideas and track selections work out.

How will the future of a DJ look like let’s say in 2040? Meaning technology wise. Go crazy.
There will surely be new user interfaces, directly connected to the brain or body, so gear can be controlled through thoughts and feelings. But I wonder how many are willing to handle that. I’ll guess for most it, it will be similar as today. A strong counter-culture against new technology will be there, protesting against virtual reality-clubs that many young prefer logging in to rather than going out etc.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
A ride through an imaginary Funhouse. The tracks are from different house styles and I think they fit together due to their distinct bass lines. I recorded it during Halloween and I easily get influenced by events like these. It’s not a theme mix but several tracks with ghostly sounds, a dark poem and a witch laugh found their way in, haha.

Any news to share regarding upcoming work or gigs?
A couple of upcoming gigs in Gothenburg will be announced soon. I have my ideas for Berlin next year, basically, I’m really easy to book all around Europe for sweet events, I’m collecting experiences more than anything else.

Cheers to all the amazing lovers of music out there, take care, over and out!

Thank you!

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