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TGMS Future Stars #56: ØXYR

TGMS Future Stars #56: ØXYR

The ØXYR project was born in early 2018, by a lover of deep and dark sounds. Techno music made of melancholic and melodious sounds. Techno that is influenced by mystical, progressive and atmospheric harmonies and designed to obtain a mix of moving and exhilarating sounds.

You can also find his lastest release, Nébuleuse, on Soundcloud so that techno-heads and enthusiasts can be transported while staying at the office.

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A word with ØXYR

What excites you the most as a DJ/producer?
I am currently only a DJ. But I am slowly starting to produce but it is a lot of work. Deep and dark sounds are my favourites. Those who listen to me I’d like to take on a journey and mindful experience. That is what excites me the most!

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
It’s constantly evolving but I would say that it really became a part of my life less than a year ago!
My passion for electronic music came over the years when I attended clubs every weekend to hang out with friends. Out there, I quickly noticed that a DJ could transport his audience through his music and I wanted to propose my own style and my vision of this trip.

How do you see your future within the electronic music scene?
It’s still hard for me to project myself because I only started a year ago. I would love to be present on the local and national scene but I’m not in a hurry. I’m still a student and I’m looking to finish my studies before immersing myself fully into this art.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
Right now my preference is to make a set which will make you travel in the depth of your mind. You just need to close your eyes and take part in it.

I have created the Nébuleuse Set that you will find on my SoundCloud channel. It’s a concept for students, like me, or those who work in offices. You will hear a low BPM with dark and melodious sound but without big drops, which makes it perfect when you need to focus.

In both cases, this set will bring you through a real mind entertaining journey but will also make you discover my project and style.

How will the future of a DJ look like let’s say in 2040?
To talk about the future of a DJ in 2040, I imagine that a performance will be related to different arts, mixing music, light (3D, 4D). Op top, even innovative technology to modify the sensory aspects of the public and really create a surprise and an unforgettable experience.

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