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TGMS Future Stars #57: Sylvetje – Dreamz

Up next in our Future Stars series is a lady who comes from a beautiful city called Ghent, a hot spot in Belgium. But she decided to trade this place for a much bigger place, London. She describes herself as: Belgian. Sun Child. Sports Addict. Palm tree Hugger. Fashion Designer. Dreamer. Globetrotter. Music Lover. DJ.

She is here with a fabulous mix in our guest mix series and we are pretty sure you are going to like it! Enjoy.

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01. Vast – Aparde
02. Ensina (original mix) – Hermanez
03. Niflheim – Darin Epsilon
04. Shanti Shanti – Boatman
05. Empire of the sun – Rowee
06. Closing doors – Khen
07. You’re in my dream – Newman
08. Ascension (Extended mix) – Kotu & Sam Goku
09. 25 hours (Tara Brooks Remix) – Tim Hanmann

Where are you from (city/area) and what makes that place special?
I am from Ghent. Probably the most hidden gem of Belgium! Ghent is at least as beautiful as Bruges, has also stunning canals, a strong history, gorgeous medieval remnants and fewer tourists. It is a very vibrant and hip place. A lot of musical talent comes from there by the way. The most known being Charlotte De Witte en Stavroz to name only a few.

Why do/did you want to be a DJ/producer?
Well, that’s an interesting question because I realised that I have more than one true calling. When I was young I did not have a clue what I wanted to become and ended up running my own business as a clothing designer. Having loads of passions apart from fashion (music and sport and nutrition and psychology and travelling and the list goes on) I decided a few years ago to do something with a few of these passions.

At that time I thought I was a bit weird and all over the place until I saw this life-changing TED talk. That made me realise I was not a weirdo but a ‘multipotentialite’ haha.

So after having obtained the diploma of a personal trainer in sports/nutrition I learned to DJ. And then a whole new magical world opened for me because I went from ‘passive listener’ to ‘active sharer’ and so on top of making myself happy I can make other people happy too!

What excites you the most as being a DJ/producer and where does that passion come from?
I strongly believe music is food for your soul, it’s a loyal companion in good and bad times and I can not even imagine my life without it. Being able to play tracks that touch me to the core with likeminded people is something incredibly unique and feeling the energy on the dancefloor and seeing smiling faces, or just receiving lovely comments on the mixes I post is something that really makes me feel alive and gives me tremendous satisfaction!

How has the music you play been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
Life is a journey and the music is my favourite and compassionate companion on that journey. So the sound I play and the mixes I post are very much a part of me and are a reflection of my moods, insights and steps towards spiritual growth at that moment in time.

A person very close to my heart told me once that mixes are like children, they are part of you, and you like all of them because of different reasons. That’s so true.

What is your source for finding great tracks for your set?
I am constantly on the hunt for the next track I fall in love with (I call them ‘amouretjes’). You know, the track you listen to once and then for days you’re on a non-stop roll, listening over and over again? Well, that’s an amouretje. And I LOVE them 😉

And some periods there’s none, and then all of a sudden 2 or 3 gem tracks appear out of nowhere (well, not really out of nowhere, it involves a lot of music listening ;)) which keep me happy for days!! There is some amazing talent out there and I am so grateful to these musicians who produce tracks that have the power to colour my life!

I listen to music non-stop, from the moment I wake up until I go to bed and during that Shazam is my best friend.
On SoundCloud and Mixcloud it is mostly DJ sets I listen too. The tracks I Shazamed go in a Spotify list and then I listen to them at least 10 times before I buy the track. This way I know my tracks in and out and only buy what I really really like.

I make a point of buying (as in paying for) all my music as this way I support the producers, as I could not do my job without them. And on Beatport, I check the charts and the latest releases to be in the know of what’s trending. And when I fall in love with a track that is unreleased and I am lucky enough to know the name of the track, then Youtube saves my life, as they have it all!

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
This mix is one of my slower ones where melody transports you and one that I find personally very soul-feeding…
You will find 2 beautiful tracks that are made by upcoming Belgian talent that I follow closely, Hermanez and Boatman. And as a proud Belgian, I am eager to play Belgian producers as much as possible!

Dreamz is a mix to listen to when relaxed at home, for a long drive in the car, and preferably with headsets … I hope you like!

What makes you happy (besides music)?
What makes me happy? Small things … a smile from a stranger in the street, a beautiful flower, warm rays of sunshine, a butterfly kiss, a deep chat with a good friend, a hardcore boxing class, an unexpected good party, and good music. 😉

Thank you!

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