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TGMS Future Stars #58: Pillman

Giurgiuveanu Ionut, also known as Pillman, was born in the summer of ’87 in Romania. He always had an ear for music, sounds literally excite him! But it wasn’t until he really felt the atmosphere that he discovered in the music, the energy and expression within it.

Soon he experimented more with house music and realised that he wanted to entertain, to share his love for music with others. He began his DJ career in May 2008 and in short time he made his first appearance at some clubs and radios. He is a veteran DJ of Vibe FM, where alongside Green Noise, had their Twisted Elements radio show.
If you got the love for electronic music, keep your eyes and ears wide open, Pillman is for sure your guy to look out!

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Hey John, what are up to right now?
Hi, guys! This year a special one for me, meaning that I’ll get married with my special girl in August.

You were with us back in 2017 with a mix. What has changed or you since then?
Back then I used to mix those trendy ethereal ethnic vibes. Now I focus more on sensitive and emotional deep house, more instrumental. Depends on my moods.

What can we expect from your mix this time?
This mix is filled with piano vibes, synths, modular sounds and voices of the heart. It will take you on a magical journey.

What makes you happy (besides music)?
Uf, that’s hard to say, because I can’t do anything without music. I like to spend my free time at home, on the balcony, slurping my coffee during the weekend after a 12-hour sleep. Yes, I like to sleep a lot!

What is your source for finding great tracks for your set?
I don’t have a specific source, I weekly check Beatport, Traxsource, Pickmyrec and youtube.

What excites you the most as being a DJ/producer?
The most exciting thing about being a DJ, in my point of view, is the satisfaction that people give you when they give nice comments and reactions about my sets. The feeling when your music is sent to the crowd, well received and it all comes back to you 3 times more energised, like a boomerang.

As a producer, I’m on a long break. But I promise I’ll be back soon with good stuff, different genres.

How will the future of a DJ look like let’s say in 2040? Meaning technology wise. Go crazy.
I never thought of this. I think that players, mixes and all of that will disappear and we all gonna mix on laptops, all automatic, more simplifying. For me, it doesn’t matter on what to play music, as the music itself is more important. Anything suits me. I like simple controllers like those from Pioneer, with fewer buttons.

Thank you.

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