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TGMS Future Stars #63: Dennlav

Here we go with another instalment in our Future Star series. This series is going pretty well with already 63 editions of talented artists out there all over the world, all in one year. This mix comes from someone from our own town, Antwerp (Belgium). Dennlav prepared at least 3 mixes as he wanted it to be perfect. Never settle, always push things forward. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Catch him play at our next event, Strange Town, in Antwerp on April 19. More info can be found on our Facebook event page.

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01. Follow Me Into The Void – Original Mix Umami
02. Gorila Glue – Original Mix Marcos In Dub, Alvaro Medina
03. The Healing Hall – Echonomist Remix (Rennie Foster original mix)
04. LOVE – Art Alfie Remix (Kapote original mix)
05. Silver Magic – Original Mix Uone
06. When the Sky Was Opened – Original Mix Dance Spirit
07. Dega – Original Mix Inxec, Droog (LA)
08. Instant – Original Mix F.eht
09. Graduation – Dubphone Remix (Sven Jaeger, marthey original mix)
10. Loverboy – Guido Schneider Remix (Steve Bug original mix)

A few quick-fire questions for Dennlav

You live in Antwerp a vibrant city in Belgium. What makes this place so special for you?
I was born and raised in Antwerpen, my family lives here as well as most of my friends. It’s the people that I love that makes this city special to me. It’s also a city with a lot of history and different (sub)cultures, where you can find good music and nice parties.

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in and around the city?
I like the fact people are reclaiming puplic space to organise daytime parties. It is my hope this trend continues and grows. I also see younger generations discovering music I used to listen to, they give it a new twist and make it their own.

I think the underground scene is adapting to a new reality, unfortunately, lots of small venues are disappearing. However the spirit of the underground does not, it’s nice to see music lovers are creative enough to find new spaces to give cosy parties where the vibe is just right,

What excites you the most as being a DJ?
To share my passion with an audience, see people dance and go crazy to the music I love, is just an amazing feeling. To be able to create a vibe in which we are all connected is almost magical.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
It all started when I was 14 years old. I discovered hardcore music and went to my first big rave with an ID of an older friend. I was hooked straight away and started my journey in electronic music. Later I discovered much more interesting genres, it was in Fuse that my taste in music started to take shape. Techno was my first love, followed by a more psychedelic aproach of this genre. Nowadays it is difficult to put a label on my taste of music, it has become very eclectic.

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians, or life in general?
I’m not a producer but I love to search and collect music from great artists. I have been following artists all over the world and have met people from many countries with the same love for music. Music is a universal language. It made me travel to places I would probably never visited if it wasn’t for the music I could experience there.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
Expect a deep vibe with a lot of groovyness, around 120 til 123 BPM. I like an atmospheric sound which makes you float and dance at the same time.

What’s your favourite song to date?
I’m a huge fan of Extrawelt, also loved previous projects like Spirallianz or Midimiliz. At the moment I’m listening to a lot to their latest album, Unknown. I like the whole album a lot, but if I have to choose one track, it would be St. Morley.

Thank you!

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