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TGMS Future Stars #72: BAQOOSH

Next up in our TGMS Future Stars series is Haithem Baccouch who goes under the moniker BAQOOSH. He is a young Tunisian artist who started his career in the night field by being responsible for sales at the most flamboyant parties in Tunis. He was able to integrate into this musical sphere and made a name for himself. Passionate about the ardour of musical notes, endowed with his hands, he favoured the path of autodidacts in this matter. As a result, he dedicates body and soul to his progress and his evolution.

He was invited to club “Terminal 2B”, after that to a radio show at Mosaïque FM by DJ Danjer in Danjer Show to be finally summoned in the big class where he played with international DJs like Denis Horvat, Jonas Rathsman, Space Motion.

Motivated as he is, BAQOOSH never tires of spending long hours listening to tracks to inspire and give a touch of authenticity to his mixes. Although BAQOOSH is open to electronic diversification, the Dark nuance is still ubiquitous in its melodies. His rhythms bring us into a dimension of infinity that blurs the reliefs, soften the evils and place us at the height of the sky in the vicinity of the stars.

Enjoy his mix!

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01. Recode, Simon Prod – Linear (Original Mix)
02. Realm Of Chaos – Centuries ( original mix )
03. MERMiT – Obscure Days Original Mix
04. Exum – Distance (Original Mix)
05. Seventh Sea – Osiris (Original Mix)
06. ARTBAT – Element
07. Sarcasmo – Unlocked (Original Mix)
08. Beswerda – Sisters Car (VNTM Remix)
09. Aether – Arteon (Dealing With God)

BAQOOSH tells his story

Where do you come from and what makes your place so special for you?
I come from Tunisia and I live by the capital downtown. My neighbourhood architecture and buildings are my first source of inspiration I really feel comfortable and loved at home. Several tourists, DJ’s from all over the world showed big love to the place and its historical monuments.

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in and around the city or country?
In my opinion, the electronic music scene is on it’s top right now. It is effective and reliable on improving the financial and economic situations that we are struggling with after our country’s revolution. Tunisia still strongly contributes and works to be part of the international electronic music scene by organising festivals nowadays, such as “Fairground festival” “Orbit” and last but not least “Ephémere“. The Tunisian electronic music scene is fulfilled with the most known artists coming from all over the world more and more every and each year. Well supported by our local and internationally famous Tunisian DJs and producers like Hazem, Hearthug, Ahmet Mecnun. Tunisia is now becoming one of the best clubbing destinations in the world.

What excites you the most as being a DJ/producer?
Being a good producer is fundamentally related to being a good DJ who always gets excited about each and every gig. I was always willing to learn, trying to get more intuitive and creative by trying out several things on the dancefloor. To see what goes right and what to avoid that’s how my knowledge and experience got improved. At the very beginning, it wasn’t that easy to connect with people. I always wanted to share my vision, my feelings towards the music I play. And I ended up finding my way, my identity and my path which my fans followed.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
Listening to multiple music genre’s and collecting records was a childhood passion that grew-up with me. I always made sure to be updated until I fell in love with electronic music and took my way to my DJ career and to share my story with you

How has your music been influenced by other artists, musicians or life in general?
I love my music, it’s my source of joy. It’s good to receive feedback about my performances. Since my first gig I played in “Terminal2B” up until my gigs nowadays, I can say I am happy and proud I get the dancefloor moving ever time. Bringing good vibes and melodies. I always try to connect with the crowd and the DJs before and after me during a gig. Spreading love through music is a life purpose for me.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
I have made this melodic set to play it during the closing of Parallalla Party. I will be playing after Einmusik next Saturday. I made it with so much love and I’m happy to share it with you guys, peace.

Thank you.

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