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TGMS Future Stars #76: CĒF

Next up in our Future Stars guest mix series is CĒF. He’s a Moroccan DJ known for his dreamy and melancholic deep house music that will speak to your soul, stay in your heart and stir your emotions. He is also one of the co-founders of Demure Circle, an electronic music and art collective based in San Francisco.

At the centre of Demure Circle is a community-building sincere connections through art. They are removing the barriers of pretension and ego disconnecting themselves from the experience of each other, music, dancing, and life. They are people finding themselves through the art of life or a life of art. Their narratives are told through the songs they play and stories they paint.

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Where are you from (city/area) and what makes that place special?
I was born in Meknes, Morocco but I lucky enough to live in 7 different cities total in Morocco while growing up. It got me exposed to many different cultures and made me realize how special, unique, and extraordinary are people in Morocco.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
When I was a kid, I received a little radio receiver as a birthday gift. Then, I started tunning into a specific frequency every night that was playing electronic music.

Tell us about what first got you started into electronic music?
The electronic music scene in San Francisco is fantastic. When I moved here in 2016, I started going out more often to see my favourite artists play. I would always stand in front of the DJ booth and wonder: How does this all work? Then at some point, I decided to get my first controllers and started learning how to use them from Youtube and from other friends who were active in the scene.

How would you describe your sound and style?
Dreamy, melancholic, and melodic.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
A very dreamy and deep mix that will hopefully speak to your soul, stay in your heart, and stir your emotions.

What is your source for finding great tracks for your set?
Looking for new tracks almost feels like going on a never-ending treasure hunt. There is always more to discover and listen. But so far, my best source of tracks has been other artists and DJs sets.

What’s your favourite song to date?
Rampa – Fluke

Thank you!

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