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TGMS Future Stars #79: Karpinsky

Karpinsky continues to have a strong influence on the musical culture of his city, Szczecin (Poland). As a club resident for the past few years, he has had the opportunity to support many well-known names by the likes of Tiefschwarz, Jimi Jules, Ruede Hagelstein and many more. He is recognized by his eclectic sets, creatively builds tension on the dance floor smuggling different styles. What he do is taking you on a musical trip through what is best in music right now.

He adores positive message of house music, mostly when it’s touched by different cultures especially by ethnic and folk elements, but still he stays open minded to anything new that represents value.

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Where are you from (city/area) and what makes that place special to you?
I live in Szczecin – Poland. I like that we are close to Berlin. It certainly has a big impact on my music style. As we know, many well-known and respected artists live there. It is an easy way to invite them to events in our city, and a good way to perform there.

How do you see the electronic music scene evolve in and around the city or country?
As I said, the proximity of Berlin has a big impact here. Many people go there for good events and get infected with electronic music. Every year, the number of artists increases and the first productions come out. There is also a Facebook community called “Elektroniczny Szczecin” which brings together people and supports such events.

Where does your passion for electronic music come from?
I’ve always liked all kinds of music. But with time their simplicity began to bore me. In electronic music I found various types of grooves and many interesting, original sounds. Now I listen mainly to electronic music, it can surprise with its possibilities and I really like it.

What excites you the most as being a DJ/producer?
The coolest thing is to share your energy and love of music with people, it’s nice to see in the club smiling faces who like what you do.

How would you describe your sound and style?
My sound is very melodious, it contains many African elements. When building sets, I try to make it like a story that contains a lot of interesting sounds that follow each other.

What can we expect from the mix you made us?
Certainly you will find one of my productions. In addition, the mix contains a lot of African influences, different vocals and a lot of melodic sounds, generally all closed in the style of house music.

What is your source for finding great tracks for your set?
I have some favorite labels. I especially like the productions from Connected Frontline and Monaberry. I also follow all kinds of sites with my kind of music, where they upload the latest song releases.

Thank you.

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